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200+ hours: New bugs and questions

Content of the article: "200+ hours: New bugs and questions"

Love the game, truly. Can’t wait for more updates/fixes. Here are some things I encountered recently–weird stuff that may or may not be working as intended. Also some clear bugs. Also some questions. Gripes at the end.


  • Once the first two of my 10 children came of age, I noticed they had fuck all for stats. 0 across the board. BUT, they were listed as level 25, with something in the vicinity of -1700 skill points when viewed from the character screen. No focus points, and (IIRC) no attribute points either. This gives them a max possible skill level of 1-2 in all skills, making it impossible to level them since they’re “level 25.”
  • After beheading somewhere in the vicinity of 200+ nobles (game’s gone long enough that I’m now having to kill all their spawn that have come of age), after waiting in a settlement for a few days, when I leave the settlement, I show up someplace else on the map (not too far away, but definitely not the settlement I was in). Don’t know if it’s related to beheading at all but it started happening after I had a huge murder party of like 7-8 dickheads that felt like gangbanging my village with 5 defenders.
  • The level 275 smithing perk seems bugged. On 2 characters now, after selecting “Legendary smith,” there is a permanent notification of a perk point available, and the “Legendary Smith” perk shows up instead as “Siege expert” (or something to that effect).
  • I know there’s a lot of hate for the auto resolve, and rightly so. It fucking sucks. No matter how many fights I use it, my highest-tier troops are almost invariably the ones who die. Doesn’t matter if it’s an entirely-ranged army of 200 Fians/40 Sea Warrior Chieftans vs. 40 looters, or a more balanced army of (for example) 20 recruits, 10 T3, 5 T4, and 2 Fian champs. The auto resolve ALWAYS seems to have an unbelievably massive weight towards killing higher-tier troops.


  • When eradicating an entire clan or killing the leader of a faction (both via beheading), my nation and theirs goes immediately to peace. Is this intended?
  • “Deceitful” is the only trait I’ve managed to earn. I’ve read already about bugs and such regarding player traits, but aside from some minor dialogue changes, I am in the dark about what effect they are supposed to have on the game (i.e., “valorous” vs. “cautious”).
  • Piggybacking off the honor trait, everything in game is wildly weighted towards the honor side of things. In some cases this makes sense (e.g., with some quests like deliver the herd). In others, I question the honor hit. When I decapitate a lord who’s been slaughtering my peasants, why is that dishonorable? I’ve already read the arguments about the noble code of honor etc., but when it comes to settlements, I have a barren wasteland of a borderland because we can’t hold any territory east of me. This was why I went full murder mode, just to try and stop the absolute flood of dozens upon dozens of empire lords coming to raid my already beleaguered villages around Lageta. As a lord protecting his lands, when faced with what is unequivocally extreme circumstances with the flood of assholes pouring through, why is it “dishonorable” to act in the best and only interest of my people?
  • Why do I lose relation with recruiters after beheading enemy lords? This doesn’t make sense to me. After their village has been raided 15 times in the past year by empire forces, they suddenly despise me when I track the bastards down and ensure they don’t do it again? I feel like the whole execution and relation mechanic needs a serious overhaul. It should take into account previous behaviors for enemy lords (i.e., if they were caught raiding a village in the past) before automatically making me the most hated man in Calradia for beheading the ruthless sons of bitches.
  • I’ve noticed that if I grind up to a positive relationship with some lords (those with whom I was previously -100), I don’t lose influence with them anymore after beheading enemies. Is this intended? It’s possible I have some confirmation bias because I don’t track relationship religiously, and it could be that I’m no longer beheading their friends.
  • It’s been said before, but the spam is real. Beheading is the only viable method in my 200 hours experience to slow it down, due solely to the fact that it’s impossible to keep lords imprisoned. I feel like once I throw them in jail, they escape or one of my asshole guards accepts a bribe. Then those lords magically teleport back to home base, recruit giant dog-shit tier armies, and plague the world once again. A) Why do ransomed enemy lords not have to do the same thing the player does when ransomed? I.e., show up immediately outside the ransomed settlement with maybe some health and the clothes on their back? B) It seems to me that every other noble or wanderer in the game has massive positive relations with EVERY single settlement notable. I’ve watched countless incidents of a newly-formed party with ZERO soldiers recruit 7-8 troops at a time when going to a settlement with only 2 notables. They will literally buy out every possible recruit. As a player, it takes a significant number of played hours (and some luck) to grind up and maintain the ability to hire all possible troops from a given notable. Companions–and by extension, I assume every other lord in the game as well–seem to have the magic mouth and just recruit fucking everything in sight. In turn, this contributes to the death by a thousand cuts when enemy lords get defeated, captured, escape, rebuild, and launch new armies all within the space of 10-12 game days.
  • Not sure if this is a visual tool tip bug or an actual change, but I noticed that the stats on unique troops (e.g., Triarii, Arboreals, etc.) are absolute CRAP now. Like, the max-tier stats show up as worse than T3 normal troops of the same kind (e.g., Triarii with 100 in one handed, and that is the HIGHEST stat they have). If this is intended, I want to say that it is highly disappointing. I hope it’s just a visual tooltip bug though.
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  • Continuing the gripe about beheading: If there have literally been hundreds of shit tier armies getting cut down by my 200 Fians, and all their lords are beheaded, I kind of feel like there should be another trait that’s a little more accurate from an intimidation perspective. Right now it’s like everyone thinks I’m a huge piece of shit because I behead the hundreds of assholes who are ravaging my border settlements, yet none of them register that my core band has routinely taken on odds in excess of 4, 5, and sometimes 6 to 1 (and more importantly, killed literally everyone who steps in my territory with hostile intent). Most of the other Aserai clans hate me, despite literally allowing the rest of the Aserai to be successful given that I’ve stemmed the tide of incoming shit. There are clans with 10, 7, 6, and 5 fiefs, respectively, while I have all of 2. I have kept and held the same 2 fiefs since I was lucky enough to get them. It would be cool if there was a longevity of ownership mechanic that rewarded the ability to actually HOLD territory. It would similarly be pretty cool if, after going on a bloody rampage (for whatever reason), enemy lords began to react differently (both on campaign map and in dialogue–e.g., perhaps on campaign map by considering your actual force size as larger than it is when calculating whether to approach or run from you, and in dialogue by trying to grovel or weasel out of a fight).

I definitely have more that I want to add to this, but these were some of the biggest concerns/questions/etc. I came up with in my most recent playthrough.

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