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55hr campaign and bored – Any mid/late game mods or should I just try a big Warband mod?

Content of the article: "55hr campaign and bored – Any mid/late game mods or should I just try a big Warband mod?"

It's my first playthrough of Bannerlord and i've loved my time with it, visually speaking (Graphics and UI) it's been great but I was hoping for more at the late stage of the game.

I'm Southern Empire and we're constantly making peace and war, often on multiple fronts and it's endless circling and pointless battles (quick troop refill for AI and escaping jail!).

Towns are won and lost on the battlefield alone and bribing lords often want 600-1M denars. It's been fun, but as I load into battles I'm just killing lords now and even if I kill one kingdom (Death to the Khuzait!) I feel it's going to be very underwhelming.

Understandably it's E.A and there's not much here. I'm new to the mod scene so perhaps it's better I say what I want in terms of gameplay for mod suggestions, even a trip back to Warband?

I've never tried any Warband mods and I can see that there's loads (POP, Game of thrones, Floris….).

To be honest with you i've already installed Warband but I struggled to see enemies/friendlies on the map. Bannerlord does this way better with BIG text. I'm sure this can be modded right?

  • I'm a huge fan of medieval stuff, which is why I like this game. Kingdom Come Deliverance is one of my GOATS. I would love for the game to have more political elements and speech checks.

  • Taking care of your factions/kingdoms towns with more favours for villages/towns. Spend a day with the villagers for rep gain, small silly things just to interact instead of them being factories for recruits. Donating spare stuff for reputation. One thing I liked in Bannerlord was the 50% chance rep gain perk.

  • Better recognition for actions. In Bannerlord i'm taking towns/castles by myself and other than the renown/ifluence, they don't even get awarded to me. My last town, it went to the guy who I paid off to join us!

  • Peacetime activities, I suppose this covers what i've asked already. In Native I guess all I can do is train my troops and wait for the King to declare war…surely there's more to it?

  • I'm happy with the combat (Realistic Combat mod rocks) and units/etc. The only thing that bugs me is the loot tables and trading. It's the Borderlands player in me, I want that super rare thingy – but no such luck in Bannerlord.

  • The gameplay loop I enjoy, but the sense of achievement falls off a cliff after you become a lord and get all your workshops and good income/troops. I have 900k atm and nothing to blow it on, except for literally one defection. I'm tempted to start my own kingdom, but ehhhh.

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TL:DR – I like Native but wish it involved more talking / relationships and features other than map chasing and random wars. WHY was the war started? Why can't I take my guys to the tavern to boost morale? I'm rambling, but hopefully my long post may give you an idea for a mod suggestion? Thanks, if you're still here 8)


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