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A breakdown on how fief claimants are nominated

Nominations for fiefs are fairly confusing, so here are the results of my delving into the game assemblies.

The decisions are weighted in the TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem->SettlementClaimantDecision assembly, with the method "CalculateMeritOfOutcome", and I'll do my best to break it down:

The components of how "worthy" a clan is are:

  1. distance from their other owned fiefs (through some formula that's a bit incomprehensible), but boils down to "is it close enough to make the clan's holdings more contiguous", multiplied by a very large number (I'm assuming because it comes out as a small number)
  2. Clan tier * 30
  3. Total clan strength / 10
  4. Does the nominee own other castles or towns? If not, +30
  5. Is their leader the king/queen? +100
  6. Did this clan capture the town? +50
  7. Divide this by the total settlement value owned by this clan

So the best way to ensure you end up nominated consistently is to be high-tier, and have lots of parties (not caravans) out (they add strength to your clan, but don't get hit by the "settlement value" penalty later). Capturing the settlement is also good (but it's even better to be the king). Finally, try to get your first holding decently far away from the rest of your liege's kingdom – any more that are captured in your area will give you a massive location bonus to be nominated (and receive the fief) compared to the other clans.

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For example, if you play the mercenary/independent trader game until you're clan tier 3, and then swear fealty to a kingdom that's in a war with a relatively distant enemy, you can try to flank to a far side of the enemy kingdom and capture a town/castle (after you've gained enough influence). Upon capture, you'll get a 90 + 30 + 50 = 170 bonus to your nomination score, plus whatever your external party strength is (which you can also summon for armies without spending influence). When it's awarded to you, any further captures in that region will also have a higher chance of being awarded to you, because they'll be significantly closer to your holdings than to those of any other clans in the kingdom.


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