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A question for Viking Conquest! Need tips on how to conquer Scandinavia

Content of the article: "A question for Viking Conquest! Need tips on how to conquer Scandinavia"

After a very successful campaign playing Gekokujo I switched over to Viking Conquest as my main in Mount and Blade, I set my goal to become king of Scandinavia.

and seeing as I wanted Pagan allies when I became king I decided join Northumbria in order to gain favour when I went on my conquest. And from there I played like a regular M&B campaign, doing tasks increasing my revenue flow, capturing and becoming a lord of settlements, eventually being voted Marshall and at this current stage I've destroyed the Alt Clut and pushed our borders from Scuin to Wessex. But I'm not close to my final goal yet because of a few reasons.

(1) Norway and Denmark have been neutral this entire time, if anything they've increased in wealth with their cities having nearly 1 thousand men inside them depending on if a lord is visiting or not. (usually around 800) they've only recently declared war… Which was against us. But I've been trying to use that as an advantage, attacking their armies wherever possible.

(2) this is the biggest one, I don't know how best to get my men across the sea. I can field a maximum of 700 men, and if they were all highly trained I'd feel comfortable attacking one of their cities but my fleet can only hold ~300 and I'm already level 34 so it would take ages to level up my sea king 👑 (I could sell my smaller ships and replace them with the biggest but those usually only spawn in Scandinavia which we're at war with)

(3) this also kinda goes with 2, as marshal I could call a campaign and gather more than enough men to take Scandinavia but I have no idea how their fleets work, Could I just get into my ships and theirs will spawn with me as they're following? Plus if I capture any cities they'll go under Northumbria so I'm not sure if I'll get them when I declare independence. If I just requested ownership of every settlement we take will they automatically be mine when I go independent?

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(4) if I have to do this conquest solo, I worry about my settlements back in Northumbria because they're my main revenue and they'll probably be attacked while I'm gone so I'd need to replace them as soon as possible so should I go straight for the city and possibly lose most of my army so I can quickly replace my revenue? Or should I try to attack the smaller fortresses first, capturing as many as possible before I attack the city?

Any advice would be welcome by more experienced players, I've played it for a while but I've never completed the main goal before.



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