Mount & Blade 2

A small commentary after 50 hours of playtime

For me Mount and Blade Warband was the Epitome of gaming. So saying I was excited for Bannerlord was an understatement, it is also why I waited a year after launch so I could play it patched and all… All I will say is knowing it is still an ongoing project.

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Short commentary : I am somewhat disappointed. Despite the polishes and new graphics and everything, I think I still prefer Warband. Bannerlord left me still thirsty for many reasons. .


COMBAT : The combat is better in Bannerlord, I will concede this, and the weight of the weapons and hits is satisfying. Although it did feel good to be able to take on 30 men with only tou and your fully armored companions in Warband. But everything else beside combat is… lackluster? .


INTERACTION : The interactions with NPC seemed much more in depth in Warband than Bannerlord. Diplomacy in Bannerlord is at war or at peace. Nothing else. Bo alliances, no treaties, no nothing. Even the interactions with your spouse. No animation or cutscene for marriage? A text message. Then you speak to your spouse and he/she answers the same generic lines than someone you don't know. Can't give any mission to any companion, and although the fact they can die is very very nice, they die as easily as a recruit even when they have 500k worth gear on them. Can't ask them how they feel about anything. Interactions with everyone in Warband made you feel part of a world evolving and moving and made you feel you really make a difference. Companions even interacted between them, liking or disliking each others, making you choose who you're gonna take with you. Don't you love in warband when a companion stops you and says "captain, I saw X steals from bodies in the last battle and tried to speak to him………". Not happening in Bannerlord. No interaction. Just " I have a question… Nevermind". I love RP and interaction with the world and with NPCs is of paramount importance to me.

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ECONOMY : Broken. Nothing less than broken. Can't make a dime with shops all over the place but I can forge a javelin worth 100k? Caravans are a good way to make money but get constantly attacked. Let us choose the troops we put in the Caravan and let see those looters take on 30 Banner Knights. I reached a point where I make 2500 per day, but I run from one end to the other of the map just protecting my caravans and doing nothing else. Also, why do we need the very last perk to be able to exchange settlements with another lord? This is a politican matter, not trade. Economy is broken. . .

It is satisfying to see your cities and castles upgrade on the map, no quarrel with that. .


All in all, what bothers me is that Bannerlord still feels, after years of development and a year of patches after launch, it still feels like a PLATFORM upon which an amazing game can be built, but still, it feels like a platform, not a finished game. .

There is more to speak about but this is the very first "review" (more like opinion) I wrote about a game and I did it on the spot, off the top of my head. All is personal opinion of course. I still like the game, but it is no where (yet!, I believe it will come) near the depth of Warband.

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