Mount & Blade 2

A story about the Southern Empire, and my quest to establish my own Kingdom.

Content of the article: "A story about the Southern Empire, and my quest to establish my own Kingdom."

I was a vassal to sturgia, and I know that sturgia isn't the best faction in a lot of ways, but if you're smart, and with the use of strong tactics, you can help them win. We were actually conquering a lot of Vlandia and the Western Empire, so it's not impossible to win with Sturgia. Although, I wasn't satisfied. I wanted my own kingdom, with blackjack, and hookers! So, I left Sturgia, let them keep my 2 fiefs, and set out to find a suitable replacement.

I looked at the map and realized that the Southern Empire wasn't doing too well. They only had Danustica and Syronea as the Khuzhait had taken most of their other cities, along with the Northern Empire. I picked them out of everyone else who was struggling, and set off to take one of their cities, a castle at least. I realized that since they only had 2 cities, the majority of their troops were there. That meant there were over 600 troops in one city. Wonderful. So, I initiated my somewhat master plan.

First, travel around the SE area, taking out any nobles wandering the area. They weren't at war with anyone except a few smaller clans, so I couldn't rely on other factions weakening them. I theorized that they would be putting most of their troops in defending the castles and cities, so they wouldn't have a ton of soldiers with them. I was right about that. I took down 4 nobles, executed them so they wouldn't bother me anymore, and then ran into the simp queen herself, Rhagaea. She had around 170 units, I had 135, so I was a bit outnumbered. Numbers don't matter to a good commander, but considering the situation I was outmatched.

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She chased me around for a little while, and I just watched her to see what she would do. I realized that her party was out of food completely, and they wouldn't buy more since they were chasing me. Lightbulb. Her party was slowly getting injured because of the lack of food, and she would also be losing health. I watched her numbers wittle away until it was a fairly matched fight, 135 (me) to 139 (her). The battle was long winded and required a lot of tactical thinking, but I did it. I beat Rhagaea in single combat with no outside help. The only thing I could thank for that victory was my incredibly large penis, because at the time I was thinking with my dick.

The urge to turn her into my personal slave was very high, but I was a gentlemen and I respected her as a warrior, so I had two options. Sell her into slavery, or execute her. She admitted that she was worth more alive than dead, and said ransoming her would be a good idea. I considered that, but also, executing her would greatly damage the Southern Empire. This is my dilemma.

Edit: She immediately escapes from my party the second I unpause the game, so I just decided to execute the bitch. Felt really fucking good, not gonna lie.

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