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All my exploits! Tell me yours! (but not smithing it sucks)

Content of the article: "All my exploits! Tell me yours! (but not smithing it sucks)"

I'm just going to loosely define an exploit as thing you can do in the game that gives you and advantage that is more then you would expect. Gonna just describe the one's I know and what I think about them.

Retreat is always the best option: You can always retreat and re-set the map, re-fill ammo, but you keep any units lost on both sides. You won't keep unit exp or loot from kills during the retreated battle, but when finally winning you will git all prisoners and…. you won. You also only get renown for the final fight.
Practical/Fun: Re-set the map to one that doesn't give you a migraine? GOOD Playing solo and really missing the inventory box from warband? OKAY
Having to fight a 700 man army with just your party? MAYBE Fudged you formation set up about to get beat up by Horse archers? OKAY
Unfair: Using this and a lot of ranged units to against equal or lesser sized enemies is easy mode UNFAIR Using this against a huge army, I'm calling FAIR because I dislike the frequency of AI armies but I can see that yes, maybe it's the Devs vision that the player get dog piled constantly and lose all their progress.
Fix?: Make it like warband, need to be further away from enemy to retreat or risk some losses on your side. Would still be exploitable but at least take more effort. Also Map selection, pre-battle formations/placement and an inventory box or ammo barrel would negate much of the semi-legit needs to retreat.

Open up the gate, I challenge everyone to a duel: If you enter a siege and f7 to retreat your forces, the enemy will open the gates and the infantry (and rarely ranged) will come out to try to get you! This is usually all upside as you can do the old warband sea-raider rodeo on them and shoot them all to death and of course retreat when you run out of ammo.
A few maps even have an outdoor arrow barrel. When you're done killing the infantry you can even ride into the gate and find fun places to snipe out the ranged units. You can leave and come back in and just snipe out the ranged units and eventually take the entire fief without risking a single man's life! You can even put the ladder up yourself and get inside!
Practical/Fun: We all hate current Siege AI right? I hate it. This is way funner and more interesting then watching a buncha guys fall off a ladder. This is a rare situation where the cheese is actually more effort, time and sometimes skill then the intended gameplay is. All kinds of weird things can happen and you can easily have you hard work ruined by a single arrow. Yeah you can re-load the game but you still lost time.
Unfair: Obviously we aren't intended to kill the entire ****ing town solo. But IMO until siege stuff in greatly improved, I'm calling FAIR and RECOMMENDED
Fix?: In warband retreating from a siege would make you have to re-build the siege stuff. This might be too punishing in Bannerlord, but a small amount of time passed in between re-attacks on the campaign would allow enemies to catch up to you and be more realistic then time standing still in game for hours of rel life. Of course, better AI would go a long way in making it harder or impossible to do this kind of thing.


The Garrison takes it's shield wall orders very seriously: In line with above, if you take down the walls with siege weapons and park you party at the edge of the map, you can get right in the infantry SW's faces and they usually wont attack you unless you sit in melee range. If you bring a nice 2 hander you can easily skill up 2 handed and Athletics (kinda) with the crush through and anti-shield effects. Of course you have to eliminate the ranged first.
Practical/Fun: It's not fun, but leg day isn't supposed to be fun! Gotta get athletics where you can.
Unfair: I guess we're supposed to ram dudes into dudes all the time. If you spend time taking down the walls, you should do whatever you want inside. FAIR
Fix?: They should be much more aggressive towards 1 or a small amount of units trying to come in.

Your Clothes, Give them to me: MARRIAGE in Calradia, who can't love to traditional bride and groom EQUIPMENT EXCHANGE. For a low bride price of 1(really) to 7,000 you can get a treasure trove of high tier and expensive weapons and armor, that usually can't be obtained in shops. With enable death working, you can even culturally appropriate the rare weapons and armors from every region of Calradia!
Practical/Fun: Oh it's FUN! It's also the only way I've seen to get the goods!
Unfair: With having to start the game anew every update and the means of obtaining this gear being absent (or very rare) I think it's FAIR FOR NOW
Fix?: Obviously everything about marriage need to be finished and changed a lot, so who know if this will be fair or not. If you end up needing 100 relations, a town and a million denar dowry, you better get something good in return! A easy fix for now would be just to give them a lower tier set of gear when they become you spouse.

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Bandits just need a good night's rest, or to be with someone who doesn't know they're bandits?… TRANSFORMING BANDITS without the disciplinary perk, by putting ripe yellow exp'd Bandits in your garrison or into a clan party (not yours) and waiting a day or less, is a beloved exploit! It doesn't work for all types/ranks of bandits but you can make forest bandits into fians and steppe raiders into Khan's guards (the pre-cursor units to them akshually), so that's really useful!
Practical/Fun: It's fun but obviously some type of error, or else why would only some bandits work?
Unfair: What's unfair is the lack of noble units…… blah blah. I'll just make my brother do it with his disciplinary perk if they fix this!
Fix?: Companion party makes no sense (unless they have the perk), but garrison seems like it could be a cool upgrade ability. Probably will go bye bye someday.

I'll take the guys in Barn too! Forcing recruitment gets you the junk troops in the front of the list usually. But, if you force recruit, take em, save and re-load, you can just force recruit again (and again) and get the good stuff!
Practical/Fun: It's fun and how exactly is the headman telling me no? What part of FORCED isn't coming across to him?
Unfair: This one's fair IMO
Fix?: I haven't tried it in several versions, it might have been fixed already. However I think we should get the whole batch 1st try anyways.

Who want's to play stand still and get shot in the head? FRIENDLY FIRE on allies earns you Bow (and other ranged), Riding and athletics skills. Not on your own troops (though this will give you medicine) but when some big bully AI cuts in on your looters you can take advantage of this and make some lemonade! Stagger out killing their ranged troops to refill your ammo and you can slaughter hundreds of them!
Practical/Fun: It's not fun but leg day isn't fun! Give me Athletics by any means possible! It's away to lessen the grind of starting new games and also lessen the power of Khuzaits!
Unfair: Probably need to be fixed but it's okay for now.
Fix?: No FF for player X Allies? I would say no skill ups but see below……

Oooops, Did I do thaaaaaat? Knocking out an AI allies entire force (with blunt arrows, all arrows you pick up become the quiver you put them in) leaves them on the map
as a 0 power party. You can easily get old Musie in big trouble with looters or bandits this way when she swoops in to kill steal on you! You can then attack the looters and recues all the prisoners, grabbing up good troops and feeling all those good naught feelings!
Practical/Fun: It's fun. I only do this to the Khuzaits and I feel great every time!
Unfair: It's unfair that you can't say "no thanks" to an AI party cutting in on your bandits! It's unfair that Khuzaits!
Fix?: Yeah we don't need FF for player against Allies.

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I know I have more I can't remember ATM, but what do you do? What do you think? I love finding exploit in this game! I hope/know they'll all get fixed, but for now I'm enjoying them. I look forward to a fully realized and fixed up BL that will beat my **** in some day! But that day is a long ways off…..

Also I forgot smithing, but I hate smithing, it's all ****ed up and it's boring so oh well.

Also I remembers, the Having going perk on athletics seems to give me 100% success on almost all dialogue checks.


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