Mount & Blade 2

Am I fucked?

Just picked up bannerlord to see where we're up to, here's my story, feeling annoyed please help.

Went battanian culture, got myself a ton of movement perks so im impossible to catch in forests and then go to war for my castle needed to make my kingdom.Got the flag, decided i wanted to make an independent kingdom, how hard can it be amirite? Queue me spending literally 1400 days in western empire at war with them, killing their armies with minimal casualties on my side, ransoming everything they have, selling all their stuff, and going back. Every time i manage to cut down their armies and start to siege they suddenly show up with 400 dudes to stop me, so i wait for them to break up, kill them all, try again, rince repeat for literally thousands of days.

In doing this, despite them apparently having a hidden legion in some noble's backgarden for every time I siege, they are steadily losing territory, ransoms are falling, loot amount is falling, army size is shrinking, but I still can't take a castle. This whole time i've had 3 parties with 100 troops each roaming the map, but since i don't have a kingdom I apparently can't tell them to come help me take a castle. During this period i try a few different strats, including executing a couple nobles every now and then, waiting until their armies have been distracted with some other faction sieging a larger town and then sieging a (one would hope) less important castle. Given that they always chose to lose the town in order to stop me, apparently they loved their castles.

So i decide to go for another plan, make friends with the battanians and then betray them for a castle once i had my own, at least this way i could summon my other squads, but they wouldn't take me because i'd executed a few nobles from their enemies(????), This lead me to returning temporarily to my original approach of killing their armies on repeat in hopes of weakening them enough to stop them from defending their castles. After day 1600, I had come up with a new plan, I was going to execute the entire western empire dynasty and THEN take a castle, so i executed like 10 nobles in a row. Apparently this doesn't dissuade them from coming to defend their lands so i execute the rest of the nobles in the western empire. immediately they lose literally all of their remaining lands except 1 castle in the middle of nowhere, fine by me i guess.

So I capture the only noble left, current emperor of the western empire and start sieging. Apparently from my cages he can organise clans of mercs so, they keep interrupting me, resulting in my destroying about 6-7 different merc clans consecutively because they still won't let me capture 1 fucking castle. After doing that i finally get the chance to siege, but it turns out it is effectively impossible to starve out a militia, they can literally not eat for about 20 days and have only like 10 of them die, assuming this is a bug because shits just not fun.

so I try a few savescum'n sieges, the autoresolve fucks me, and then i manually siege and lose twice again even though I have 160 t5 troops to their 250 militia, they still crush me. Next time I (get interrupted by another merc clan which i go and destroy, then come back and wait out the like 8th garrison i've starved out) so next time I go for trebuchets and destroy their walls completely and all of their defences, thinking that my army can just storm through the front.. but apparently nope, still get owned by troops that suck… So at this point, i've burned every bridge with literally every npc, obliterated a few bloodlines, and single handledly caused the fall of the western empire… Yet, I STILL cannot summon even just ONE of my 3 parties with over 100 troops to siege a single castle, which i can't seem to take on my own despite starving them all out, trebucheting their walls, and being an actual trained army…

So at this point im wondering If i just give up? Is this save fucked? Im really not having fun spending like 25 hours to solve a problem that would be really easily solved by the phrase "hey mate, follow me", Am I fucked?


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