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Another Siege rant – and why the “new” Siege function can’t be used 99% of the time

Content of the article: "Another Siege rant – and why the “new” Siege function can’t be used 99% of the time"

So recently i picked up Bannerlord again – after roughly 6 months of not looking at it in my library.

Loved the new updates and ideas they implemented but had to dust off almost all of my mods – which is completely fine by me. The most important and not gamebreaking ones still worked. One of those features was basically "You can now play defense on sieges more often" because you can break into the castle/settlement without making the enemy flee too easily.

Well, after 70hrs of new gameplay i can still only rant about sieges. Here's why:

1) The reworked feature still makes you lose way too many Troops just to get IN the castle/settlement. But 99% of the time i accepted the losses to make it up in the defense battle guess what happened – the enemy just stopped sieging. NICE i lose like 1/3rd of my troops to see the army break up their tents and engaging the next city.

1.1) Every siege you would actually want to fight in defense (even tho you are still in the weak position after breaking in) the enemy flees because the odds are not good enough. And breaking in a siege where the enemy doesn't run away is a fight you wouldnt want in the first place – even as the defensive position. So that wraps up the "new" feature.

2) Sieges themself play very smoothly in comparison the first months after release. Yes the troops are still cuddling way to much and pressing everyone infront into the enemy spears/swords/hammers but the performance and pathing are working for now. BUT: Playing an offensive siege where you break the walls with siege weapons vs. playing a normal siege with ram (+maybe siege towers) is gamebreaking because the player is the only party that can break walls. The AI can't put built siege weapons in reserve until they can place all 4 of them at once. Thus the AI' siege weapons just get destroyed one by one until they lose all their food and engage only with a ram – just to lose half of their army trying to conquer a castle. The way siege weapons are built/attack needs to change.

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3) Scattered partys around a siege…wtf is this? They watch me sieging a settlement and do nothing. I know they wait for the right opportunity and for odds going in their favor. But nomatter how many troops there are around me – they can't help the settlement once i click engage??? They just watch me concquering the walls. The same goes with attacking an army that sieges your own settlement. Why does the battle not take place infront of the settlement so the garrison/militia actually take part when i try to help them? You either have to break in and lose a huge junk of troops ( as in 1 and 1.1) to help but then just watch the enemy army dance on your fallen soldiers corpses while engaging elsewhere. Many times the combined power of the settlement + player party/army can repel an enemy siege. But there is NO feature that lets them play together. No mechanic to fall into the back of enemy's army as well. It would feel so much more realistic if parties (AI as well!) could engage in an ongoing siege to aid the defense party without having to sacrifice troops JUST FOR THE CHANCE to then start a fight.

4) Kind of goes with point 2): Why is there no way to build siege weapons beforehand? So assembling is quicker but army speed decreases therefore?

5) Starving a defense party actually needs to "do something". I feel like i could siege the settlement for weeks (until my coheresion hits 0) while the settlement has 0 food and they still stay strong like they feed on newborn babies…

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That wraps up the major part of my rant – don't get me wrong, i really love the game, but a lot of mechanics about the sieges destroy the excitement and "holy cr*p"-moments bannerlord could bring me.


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