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anyone having issues with ai blobbing in battles/sieges in bannerlord?

Content of the article: "anyone having issues with ai blobbing in battles/sieges in bannerlord?"

Does anyone else have issues with the AI in the game? specifically how they blob really close together in battles…

Typically in battles ai will collide with eachother because of how small their capsules are. On top of this their ai will push through eachother with all their might in order to get to an enemy. This causes ai in battles to blob up and make battles really hard to be involved in because you'll have to push through 20 dudes just to get to an enemy.

Especially in sieges, it gets really broken when 30 guys are sitting on the wall fighting another 30 guys, and people are clipping through eachother and shaking eachother around making it impossible to do anything without either getting stuck inside the mess of guys shaking around because of the instability, or falling off the wall.

I had a few ideas in fixing this: maybe just make it so units have a limit as to how many people can be focused on them in a fight. so that 40 guys are not blobbing in a giant circle around a guy. This kinda becomes a problem though because if you have a limit of, for example, 4 guys against a really tough enemy, the game might just cycle recruits to fight the enemy and create an infinite cycle of your own dudes dying.

another idea was to make the capsules sizes of soldiers really really big… so that enemies will back up wayy back from all units, giving them lots of space. This would make it so that enemies during sieges and battles will give lots of space and allow the player to fight better in battles without the ai clumping up and making it impossible to swing a weapon. However this makes the battles look a little bit fantasy and removes all form of strategy due to the breaking of all lines of battle.

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Last idea was to have units focus on one enemy at a time rather than switching focus every 5 seconds and make it so that units stay more stagnant during battles. I noticed that in battles, units will switch focus a lot and move around a lot during battles, making them really really confusing. But this might make the battles too slow and boring because no one is moving.

so idk, the point i'm trying to basically make is that it's a tough issue to fix. if it even is an issue, idk if you guys think it's completely fine. All the ideas I'm putting down have noticeable issues, maybe find a way to incorporate some aspect of all of them? or none of them. or find a different way to fix this issue.

Anyone got ideas? just feel like this might be nice to bring to the attention of taleworlds too?


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