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Attention Console Players!

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Hey guys! I wanted to take a quick look at a feature that a) I hear talked about frequently and b) nobody seems to have any solid information for: playing with a controller! At the end I'll also briefly touch on how someone without a gaming PC can still play Bannerlord, since I imagine that's the boat a lot of console players are in. To start I sat down and figured out what all the controls are when using a gamepad:

World Map

Options / Menu – Options Menu
Share / View – Encyclopedia
Left Analog – Control Cursor
Right Analog – Control Camera
D-Pad – N/A
X / A – Move to Location
Square / X – Pause / Unpause Time
Circle / B – Change Cursor
Triangle / Y – N/A
L1 – Additional Info / Encyclopedia Page
R1 – Expand Stat Bar
L2 – Zoom Out
R2 – Zoom In
L3 – Snap to Party
R3 – Track Fief / Party

In Fief / Battle

Options / Menu – Options Menu
Share / View – Encyclopedia
Left Analog – Move Character
Right Analog – Control Camera
D-Pad Up – Taunt
D-Pad Down – Drop Weapon
D-Pad Left – N/A
D-Pad Right – Cycle Weapons
X / A – Move to Location
Square / X – Duck / Stand
Circle / B – Change Cursor
Triangle / Y – N/A
L1 – Show Indicators
R1 – Kick / Shield Bash
L2 – Block
R2 – Attack
L3 – Switch Between 1st and 3rd Person
R3 (Hold) – Zoom In / Out

Now you might notice something pretty important missing: there's no way to control your troops! There's not a whole lot of point playing if your troops stand around with their fingers up their noses is there? Fortunately I've found a workaround. Go to Options, then Mouse and Keyboard, then under Order Menu set Select Order 6 to an unused button like D-Pad Left. It will give you an error but work regardless. Order 6 is for your Commanders to take control of their troops. It's not a perfect solution but it's a lot better than just standing around like idiots!

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Now this is all well and good, but what if you still don't have a PC capable of running it? Well if you don't mind paying a little extra GeForce Now will let you play at max settings with zero lag on your Steam account as long as you have good enough internet to support it and a compatible device (laptop, desktop, Mac, SHIELD TV or Android mobile device). It costs $5 a month but you can also use it for free with a queue and a one hour time limit per session to try it out and make sure it works on your machine.

Happy conquering!

(note: I'm not a shill for GeForce Now, just a satisfied customer)


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