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Bandit and Mercenary strongholds.

Content of the article: "Bandit and Mercenary strongholds."

Currently there are several mercenary clans and various bandit types.

The mercenary clans are oftentimes as strong as the vassals of many empires but have no land, no base of operations etc.

The bandits have small hideouts which are all relatively similar and often seem largely irrelevant to the large numbers of bandits you can see.

My suggestion is that both of these groups be given some form of stronghold.

This can be on the edges of the map in an area which is of relevance to the faction, so you don't have a sea raider stronghold in the desert.

These could add fantastic new aspects to the game.

For Bandit Strongholds;

  1. These could be surrounded by increasingly large parties of bandits as you get closer, eventually finding bandit armies at the gates of the strongholds.
  2. You could add a reputation system with bandits, whereby you can gain friendship and thus access to their lands, giving you access to unique weapons/armour, missions and troops.
  3. These Strongholds would be places the AI doesn't target but would be potentially rich prizes to take as a first fief without having to declare war on an actual kingdom.
  4. Conquering or Befriending the bandit faction would either prevent them from spawning anymore (late game steppe bandits hate my caravans) or enable you to recruit troops from bandit hideouts and let you become a smuggler of stolen goods they sell cheap.
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For Mercenary factions;

  1. These strongholds would provide a logical aspect to mercenary parties. These bands would normally have been destroyed in battle and ceased to exist, very few would survive for more than a few years and certainly not capture. Therefore a base of operations from where they can send new troops with new captains makes sense.
  2. This could provide a much needed boost to the mercenary playthrough by allowing you to join a mercenary faction and vie for control of it through a possible kingdom politics dynamic. This would enable you to direct mercenary troops, recruit from their unique pools and dictate contractual terms with kingdoms as well as decide your allies.
  3. Again, these strongholds should be untargeted by AI and remain neutral in the case of a faction allying with a kingdom. They can however be taken by the player.
  4. As leader of a mercenary party, you should be able to send different parties to join different armies for different kingdoms. I.e. one of my parties should be allowed to join the Vlandians in their war against the Battanians, but remain neutral to other parties, whilst another of my parties fights for the Khuzalts in their conquest of the Southern Empire.
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This is just a thought I had, I have no modding experience and don't know if anyone from the dev team checks here.

I feel this development would add a much needed RP aspect and logical background to Mercs and Bandits that would make the game more immersive and those playthroughs much more accessible and enjoyable.

Thanks for reading my long ass suggestion.

TL,DR Bandits and Mercs should have bases only player can conquer to add depth to bandit and merc playthroughs so you don't just have to build a kingdom.


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