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Bannerlord – Annoying state of the perk system

I just need to rant for a second. I stopped playing Bannerlord about 2 months ago because I got a bit tired of what the game had to offer at that moment and I decided to wait for a bit until TW implements some of the essential stuff.

Fast forwards 2 months later, I thought about playing the game again but I decided to take a look on perks tree, because last time I've played I trained my character to a certain level only to discover that almost every perk that I've chosen was not working.

So I take a look at that perk tree and all I can see is that 2 months has passed and almost nothing changed. For butter's sake. Now, I can understand that TW is trying to re-work the perk tree and such but come the funk on. At this point there is nothing to redo because it wasn't done in the first place. Many of these perks looks really simple, like the ability to use some bows on horse back. I can see that they want to re-design some of the perks but couldn't they at least fill the holes until they come up with something better?

It's just so disappointing to take a look at this game after waiting for a couple of months and still see shit like this, that only 30% of the perks are working.

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I understand that they are working on other things like performance, bug fixing etc. but I can see that they are focusing on some petty stuff too, like fine tuning some mechanics that surely add some flavor to the game but, at least in my opinion, are not nearly as important as – I don't know – maybe a working character development system -.-

I don't know anymore. I know it has been a tough situation world wide and that TW might have other priorities for this game and so on. It's just a bit disappointing to check on this game after 2 months and see this gaping hole of a system stare back at me like nothing happened


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