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Bannerlord Early Access – Main e.1.6.3 & Beta e1.6.4 Patch Notes

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Main e1.6.3

Latest Changes:



Fixed a crash that occurred when inflicting more damage than the upper limit.

Fixed a crash that occurred when the player tried to assign a party role to a governor.

Fixed a crash that occurred when the player tried to change the main party’s leader by dismissing all troops and then dropping a troop on the first index.

Fixed a crash that occurred when making peace with minor factions.

Fixed a crash that occurred after a hero was marked as dead in a map event and was at the same time meant to die due to old age.

Fixed a crash that occurred when playing the game in non-English languages.

Fixed a crash that occurred on the save/load screen due to modded saves.


Fixed a bug that caused mercenary clans to leave kingdoms.

Fixed a bug that allowed for peace decisions to be proposed to enemy kingdoms in the main storyline.

Fixed a bug that caused influence to be awarded when dismissing troops.

Fixed a bug that prevented the party wage limit from being changeable when the heir became the main character.

Previous Beta Hotfixes:




Fixed a crash that occurred while previewing 'Steel Round Shield' (and other items that don't have a banner displayed on them).

Initial Beta Changelog

Beta e1.6.4

Latest Changes:



Fixed a crash that occurred while returning to the world map.

Fixed a crash that occurred due to text area calculation.

Fixed a crash that occurred when talking to a minor faction hero in an army for the first time.

Fixed a crash that occurred while refreshing army visuals after loading the game.

Fixed a crash that occurred after loading an old save file.

Fixed a crash that occurred due to 'Galter' being imprisoned.


Battle and siege optimisations.

Fixed many campaign map related spikes.


Chinese localisation updates.

Turkish localisation updates.

Other general localisation improvements.

Text updates and small fixes.


Added a crown for Khuzait lords.

Sound fixes for Battania scenes.

Minor fixes for Khuzait and Empire scenes.

Improvements to some materials and textures.


Fixed a bug that caused some agents to fly in civilian missions due to an animation problem.


Added a scrollbar to the settlements list in the abdication kingdom decision left-panel.

Fixed some issues with item comparison in the inventory.

Clan and Party

It is now possible for players to promote companions into nobles with their own clan. In order to use this feature, the player must:

Be the leader of a kingdom.

Have at least one fief.

Have an active companion that is not a family member.

Have 20.000 Denars and 500 Influence ready to spend for the promotion.

Once the conditions are met the player can initiate the dialogue with a companion about their promotion. The player will grant the companion one of their fiefs and will be able to name their clan. The newly created clan will be a tier 2 clan and receive a 50 relation bonus with the player’s clan.

Removed influence gain from donating troops to a clan member's party.


Factions will no longer create armies if they are not at war.

Settlement Actions (Town, Village, Castle and Hideout)

Fixed a bug that prevented prisoners from being donated to towns.

Quests & Issues

Fixed an issue that allowed hostile settlements to be selected for the "Deliver the Herd" quest.

Conversations & Encounters

Removed the ability to attack enemy parties after accepting the safe passage agreement via the "Surrender or die" dialogue.

Fixed an incorrect dialogue option that would appear after a successful barter with bandits.

Fixed a bug that caused extra candidates to appear in marriage barters.


Glaive weapons used in Khuzait tournaments now deal blunt damage.

'Khuzait Darkhan' now has 60 Bow Skill Level and 80 Throwing Skill Level (previously 80 Bow and 60 Throwing).

Reduced the weight of 'Fringed Cloak' to 0.5 from 4.0.

Removed the non-civilian weapon 'Heavy Flanged Mace' from Khuzait noble civilian equipment sets.

'Legionary Reinforced Studded Harness' now provides 6 arm and 7 body armour (previously 8 arm and 6 body armour).

'Legionary Studded Harness' now provides 4 arm and 7 body armour (previously 4 arm and 6 body armour).

'Leopard Pelt' now provides 4 Body armour (previously 7 body armour).

'Legionary Padded Straps' now provide 9 body armour (previously 11 body armour).

Switched 'Reinforced Chainmail Barding' from Sturgia to Vlandia item pool (meaning it is now available in settlements with the Vlandian culture).

'Vlandian Militia Archer' and 'Vlandian Militia Veteran Archer' have been renamed to 'Vlandian Militia Crossbowman' and 'Vlandian Militia Veteran Crossbowman' respectively.

'Conspiracy Raider' is no longer shown as upgradeable to 'Khuzait Lancers' in the encyclopaedia.

Changed Derthert's battle armour template with a more lordly one.

Fixed a bug that caused some companions to act like villager agents in village civilian scenes.



Fixed a crash that occurred while trying to display player names.

Fixed a crash that occurred when connecting to a match.

Other – Miscellaneous

Fixed a bug that prevented the team selection screen from being displayed in Siege mode.



Improved multi-core performance of missile physics.


Ballista Improvements:

Increased the fire rate.

Decreased the flying curvature.

Added a sight.

Improved AI usage.

Minor animation tweaks.

Corrected the ballista bolt's centre of mass.

Attacks now take into account the relative movement speed between the attacker and the target when deciding if an attack will bounce or not.

A system that approximates local superiority has now been implemented.

This helps AI agents to distinguish a nearby lone enemy that they can kill from a group of enemies. They can then choose to fight or move towards their assigned tactical position in hopes of better odds.

A minor random element was also introduced that slightly influences decision scores.

Fixed a bug that prevented units from using shields while being shot at by archers.


For further explanation and additional information on the modding changes check the following thread: e1.6.4 Modding Adjustments

Font atlas generator is now available to modders. Modders can generate new font files with custom TTF files and use these fonts in game. We've also created documentation on how to use this tool:

StoryModeEvents.RemoveListeners do not need to be explicitly called anymore. Now, StoryModeEvents is added as a CampaignEventReceiver.

Known Issues


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