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Bannerlord feels significantly easier than Warband

Content of the article: "Bannerlord feels significantly easier than Warband"

I have been playing Bannerlord on and off since my initial 200 hour binge at the month it launched because of features not working properly or not being implemented, a broken economy, and the lack of depth for the political intrigue side of things. I wanted to go back and play Warband, just to see what all has changed and what they happened to get right (and wrong) in Bannerlord. The biggest difference, besides the graphics and the UI is how HARD Warband is. At least in the beginning.

I occasionally made the mistake of reaching over to sip my coffee while forwarding time and getting caught out by a bandit party and getting absolutely fucked early on when I am scrounging up cash in tournies, depending on what they were. Desert bandits? Pls no. Looters? 2 ez. Sea Raiders? Alt F4. In the event I was captured they would take at least a third of my gold and a handful of my belongings/food.You have to be ever vigilant at the start of the game and be mindful of where you are to avoid harder encounters. Bandit parties can be cheesed once you are set up with some decent troops (Sea Raider farming) but they are something to always be mindful of when you are near their spawns. They will fuck you up if they group together, even if you have a mid tier army.
Bannerlord doesn't really do this. At the start of the game if you have a spear and a horse you can pretty much travel solo no issue due to most parties being shitty looters (that no longer have their tactical nuke rocks). If you get captured because you get cocky and fuck up its not the end of the world. You can just not pay their ransom and majority of the time they don't take anything from your inventory and don't touch your gold. Any troops you had can be immediately rescued from the band of brigands that captured you because most of your units will get KOd instead of killed, unlike Warband.

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Combat also feels a bit harder in Warband, but also a bit better. It feels a little floaty, but at the same time very snappy and responsive. Bannerlord has more weight to it and it feels good in its own way, but not as good as Warbands IMO. The AI is easily cheesed in Bannerlord by feinting your attack then following it up by a real one, even on the hardest difficulty. You can kind of do the same thing in Warband but to a lesser extent. The Arena bots tend to ignore your faints and opt to bash your face in with whatever they are holding.


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