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Bannerlord: Freelancer Recruiting?

I recently got back into playing 1257AD because of the newer patches and bug fixes. I have to say, its one of my favorite Warband mods that doesn't remain in Calradia. One of the best features of the mod is the Freelancer recruitment, where you are able to recruit 20-30 decent quality troops for 1K, with higher upkeep costs than regular troops, all in one go from a city. You can of course also recruit a smaller number of mercenaries through the tavern, but by far its best to hire a company of them outside of a few circumstances.

Its really nice having this option, because I no longer feel like needing to take a break after a massive loss or a phyrric victory because its essentially 30 minutes to an hour lost upon one of those outcomes due to good units being so hard to train up in Bannerlord. It doesn't displace the feeling of being weary or insignificant early game either, because your party size is largely limited by your renown. At the start of the game, you are a pretty insignificant player with a small unit cap. Bannerlord essentially has the same thing with clan levels and it could easily be adjusted to fit the needs of a Freelancer system.
Lastly, it removes a ton of the slog of wandering from village to village trying to find recruits after a large battle. Troop replenishment is easy and sets you on par with the AI, who essentially pull troops out of thin air.

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My question is, would you guys like so see something similar in Bannerlord as a mod or mod pack?


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