Mount & Blade 2

BaNnERloRd iS aN UnFiNiShED mEsS! (Message to those of you bashing the game)

Okay, so I'm writing this as I have a rough idea on the business side as to how these companies work and how game development is usually carried out. Spent time on a course for game design qualifications and then went into business doing general IT so I do know what I'm talking about.

This is for you folks out there who seem to keep getting worried about this game, that it's "un-finished" and never will be finished. Or that it's a broken mess which will remain like it currently is and feel the need to bash it at every opportunity they get. I mean I was shocked when I seen a comment about getting a finished game getting 100+ upvotes, you never bought a finished game you bought something which was WIP lol, had a GIANT fucking label across the store page before you bought it.

I want you guys, to start thinking a bit more realistically. Your not looking at a tripple A game Studio like Infinity Ward who created MW, not DICE who made BF4,5,6 etc… they don't have the large teams and resources (I heard they got a grant from the gov in Turkey, what do you think they got millions? They'll have a got a portion of money which helped bit thats it) so naturally the teams are smaller, and the teams will need more time to resolve issues.

Sometimes, in the world of IT when your running into an issue you could be sat on that issue for hours if not days or weeks trying to resolve it. Sometimes it even takes a fresh set of eyes to start from scratch at the section of code for the game to see if they can even see anything. Now other than issues you have external issues which do slow down game development a LOT. For example COVID has impacted companies a lot in the beginning as people were unsure how we'd go forward working.

Bannerlord is clearly being worked on otherwise we'd not be getting any updates in any shape or form. Why would the engineers coding and fixing issues or making new features bother to waste their time doing that for a game which is just going to be left and dumped? It then affects their personal careers in the end, so the fact their still making an effort with updates should be enough for you all to understand it's still being worked on tirelessly.

If you think the game is going to come out of Early Access this year, your setting yourself up for disappointment. The game is in Early Access now so the devs get a large array of people using the game, testing it basically from a variety of setups and configurations. This is so they can ensure EVERYONE can play the game smoothly and enjoy it when it does finally come out.

A realistic timeframe for this being fully released in the states you're all expecting, I'd say give it tops 2 years. Maybe, depending what happens in the world and their company 3 years.

There's so many factors which tie into this which I think most people don't stop and think about for one moment. I'd support the bashing of the game if we didn't get updates, which we do every week or so, if not we get one at least every months.


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