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Bannerlord Modding Wishlist

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As I attempt to learn Bannerlord modding, I find out that it is very undeveloped so far. There are no convenient how-tos on C# coding for modders describing code calls for typical actions such as quests and dialogue. The official modding tools are actually glorified mapping tools. I understand that the situation will change in the future; meanwhile, I want to make a community wishlist for what we want mods to do.

My points for the wishlist:

  • A mod like Diplomacy for Warband. We already have Diplomacy Fixes which has core Diplomacy functionality such as non-aggression pacts and alliances. However, the original Diplomacy also offered nice fief and kingdom management options personified by the trio of councilors: Aubrey de Vere the finance guy, Miles de Gloucester the military guy and Herfast the chancellor. Aubrey allowed you to maintain a treasury separate from your pocket money, where all your incomes and expenses go, sort of like your bank account, and change taxation for settlements. Miles allowed you to hire patrols, recruiters and spies. Finally, Herfast sent messages and gifts to lords and did assorted other things. Herfast's functionality is currently mostly replicated through Diplomacy Fixes' menu UI, but not Aubrey's and Miles'.

  • Customizable Troops. Several Warband mods allowed for a tree of troops whose equipment could be chosen from a set of options. For example, a customizable ranged combatant could be equipped with a bow, a crossbow or throwing weapons, and a fallback melee weapon of your choice; whatever you put on the soldier's character would be equipped on all soldiers of this type. These items were not drawn from your own equipment, but from a pre-set pool unique for every unit tier. For example, you cound only choose stones and shitty bows for the basic ranged combatant, and you could choose top of the line bows and arbalests for the elite ranged combatant.

  • An Invasion Faction. Native Expansion and Tocan's Calradia had the Dark Knights led by Lady Larktin as a late game enemy kingdom hostile to everyone. I personally want these guys to come back.

  • Siege Engine modding. It is so far unclear to what extent could the siege engines modded, and if it possible to make, for example, a driveable steam tank. But a primitive giant cannon such as a bombard can't be impossible.

  • Board Games modding. Someone, please, replace Mu Torere with literally anything else!

If you have modding wishes of your own, please list them.


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