Mount & Blade 2

Bannerlord needs a crafting overhaul, badly.

Bannerlord's crafting system is a very welcome addition to the series, but it badly needs an overhaul. Here are some of the main reasons why:

  • Clicking! I routinely have to click hundreds of times, when rendering hardwood into charcoal, to say nothing of rendering wooden hammers and wooden pitchforks into hardwood to render into charcoal. There needs to be an option to repeat an refining or smelting activity to do stacks.

  • Speaking of which, it would be very nice to see how much of your smithing endurance a thing will take.

  • Outdated recipes should be removed from the refining list. If you can do 2 Hardwood -> 3 Charcoal, there is no literal reason in Calradia to do 2 Hardwood -> 1 Charcoal. This way you don't accidentally have the wrong one selected and blast through a ton of hardwood for no good reason.

  • The charcoal use to go from low-tier to high-tier iron is absurd, to say nothing of the clicks involved. There is no reason anyone would ever take the perk to make better use of iron ore, because the player will never smelt crude iron from Iron Ore. It's literally a waste of time, endurance and charcoal. As things stand, with all the Steelmaking perks, it takes: 1 Iron Ore -> 3 Crude Iron; 1 Crude Iron -> 1 Wrought Iron; 2 Wrought Iron -> 1 Iron; 2 Iron -> 1 Steel; 2 Steel -> 1 Fine Steel; 2 Fine Steel -> 1 Thamaskene Steel = 16 units of Wrought Iron, 31 units of Charcoal, and 31 clicks, to get one unit of T-Steel.

That's silly, most egregiously of all in the charcoal use. It's far better to just buy weapons outright and smelt them for higher-tier metals. If "making your own metals" are going to be useful, this needs to change: either the player should be able to just leave iron ore at an owned ironmonger's and they'll turn it into higher-tier steels for you, or the player's recipes should be able to just go straight from ore or crude to higher-tier metals.

  • Inconsistency on what an and cannot be used as a "civilian" weapon. Admittedly this is not strictly a crafting issue, but by experimentation I was able to make the most ridiculous zweihander ever into a "civilian" weapon – meanwhile, the really, really cool one-handed blades, sabres and iljis, I cannot. Furthermore, I cannot carry any blunt weapons into town, not even a humble blacksmith's hammer, because those are dangerous and you could hurt someone with them, I guess!

(I literally call that sword "Incivility".)

  • Lack of the ability to craft other things, like armor, or ranged weapons, or shields. I would very much like to make the gear of my companions uniform. It's easy enough with melee weapons since I make them myself, but armor and horse barding is a crapshoot. This would also give fur and leather and fabrics a use besides trade good.


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