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Bannerlord will not be the game that YOU think it will be when it’s finished

Content of the article: "Bannerlord will not be the game that YOU think it will be when it’s finished"

This is a long one but please read it.

I’m prepared for the downvotes and hate that I will get but it’s time for some hard truths that people don’t want to hear.

I see 90% of the players day dreaming how the game will have everything they wished for for bannerlord when it’s finally done, more and better politics instead of bonuses disguised as politics! Kingdom intrigue! Better smithing and armor smithing! More quests and better quests! Improved criminal life and a reason to do criminal activities and the ability to control territories in cities as advertised in gamescom! AI that can climb a fucking ladder! Stuff to do inside cities! And much more is coming!

To which I say this: don’t kid yourselves, these features may all be delivered, sure, but I have no reason not to believe that they may be half baked just like a lot of the other features that we have right now.

The game has been in early access for 5 months now and according to the steam early access page the game should be done and finished 7 months from now, some people might argue that the devs will extend the duration but I would like to say that the devs stated that they are on pace with their updates and will reach the final release in time.

This terribly worries me, if we are on pace then where the hell are the features promised that are not half baked? Where is the advanced diplomacy? I know about 1.5.1 diplomacy but that still has issues and is still not finished.

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One of the devs stated that the quests are done as they already have 40 quests in the game, 40 quests of fucking what? 40 Fetch quests? Are you kidding? Yes, these are the quests you gonna get, mostly fixes and improvements from here on out lul cya.

Where is the ability to operate a gang in a city? Doesn’t exist, all you can do is do meaningless quests for gang leaders that gives you a criminal rating and you get nothing else in return.

On the stream one of the devs stated that the issue with sieges is not with the ladders but with the actual siege scene which makes the AI not path properly, you mean to tell me it’s been 5 whole months and you still didn’t fix the siege pathing of at least one single fucking siege scene? Are you serious? What the fuck?

People keep coming back to check around reddit and the forums asking: did the game get updated well enough to warrant a new playthrough? To which I see 90% of the people say no, it’s almost the exact same game as it was 5 months ago with no real major updates or content besides improvements and minor bug fixes that generate new bugs to fix on later, oh and a new sheep model.

Before people start flaming me please know that I love bannerlord and warband extremely and I would love it if I’m not right about what I said and we get everything we want, but I want you to remember the game when it first released and think of it now? Do you really see anything big or meaningful or huge content that has massively improved the game and pushed it towards a final release that should happen in 7 months at this same pace? I don’t think so imo.

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There is a lot more that I can talk about but I think this is enough, I would like you guys to give me a reason to feel wrong and make me feel that the game will truly be what we want it.



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