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battle experience reward calculation

I've been trying to dissect how the experience reward you get after each battle is calculated, this is what I've found so far.

To start with, I'd like to establish that all the experience gained during a battle does not affect the separate experience reward post battle as far as I am aware. During a battle, if a unit kills another unit, they are rewarded a set amount of experience depending on the killed unit, which they keep after the battle. The rewarded value does not change depending on what kind of unit received it.

  • Experience gained by player and hero units have their exp added straight to their experience stat.
  • Experience gained by troop units have their experience counted towards their next level-up, if they can already level up then that experience goes to another troop of the same type. It's unclear if experience gained by one troop type can go to another troop type, but it doesn't seem to be the case even with max tier troops.

Now for the post battle experience reward. Here's what I have:

Player xp: This is experience that is directly added to the player's experience stat.

  • Hero xp: This is a hidden reward, namely every Hero in the party individually receives approximately a third of what the player gets. Formula: (playerxp)/(10/3) rounded down always. Number of Heroes does not appear to matter.

Shared xp: This number appears to consist of two parts:

  • Base: This is always the Hero xp * (10+(1/3)). This is an approximation and not the exact formula, but the margin error is less than 1 percent.
  • Bonus: This is experience added on top of the base number, and is only applied when there is 1 or more unit(s) in the party other than the player and heroes. The bonus number is essentially troop xp multiplied by the number of nonhero/player units in the party, see below.
  • Troop xp formula = sharedxp-(((sharedxp/playerxp)-((10+(1/3))/100))*playerxp). The margin error is less than 1%.
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I did try to discover how the experience itself is determined, alas the few samples I got took me 2 hours to collect and they didn't give a consistent answer. I suspect it is related to the size of your party, the size of the enemy's party, and possibly the type of units the enemy party consists of. Testing this though would take me weeks at this rate.

But taking a wild guess based on the samples below, it may be as simple as the combined xp of every enemy unit divided by 3.

Now what do all these numbers mean?

Well, the player exp and hero xp values seem rather straightforward, those are just experience points added straight to the experience stat of the respective unit. These numbers are what I'm going to use to determine how I'm going to optimally level up my companions, which is how I got here.

However, I can't explain what kind of information shared xp is supposed to give us. It is not strictly representative of the experience gone towards heroes, and if it were it would be very inconvenient to decipher. The xp on top of the base however, may or may not actually be spread amongst troops, but I can't even begin to think how I'd go about testing this.

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Conclusion: This is arguably the most pointless dissection I've ever done of a game mechanic in any game, at least when it came to deciphering shared xp. I just don't understand in what world anyone could read the shared xp number and think "oh yeah that's a convenient way of knowing what just happened".

I suppose knowing approximately how it works might give better insight on how much xp your troops get when they don't engage in battle, but I seriously question how useful that kind of insight really is when it requires mental gymnastics on the olympic scale.

I could be still wrong though, and I'm simply missing something. I used only four samples, and in each of them I always had 7 heroes, so perhaps my shared xp formula may be wrong still and is affected by the number of heroes you have. If someone can enlighten me on this, please do. And if someone can figure out what the point of that cursed value is, please tell me, because I have a vendetta against it.

For anyone curious, here are the samples I collected:


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