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Caldar Kingston, The Butterlord of All (story)

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WARNING: LONG, seperated into Parts within the post

(This is just what is supposed to be an autobiography from one of my character's companions to summarize the journey of Caldar Kingston from nothing to the King of All.)

Praise be to Caldar Kingston, King of All, Ruler of the six capitals, Slayer of The Temptress, Spite Incarnate, and plethora of other titles the cowardly lords have given my comrade as to not invoke his wrath.

(Part 1, introduction)

Long ago, Caldar was just a simple smith, making weapons for some whoever paid. He would craft swords and axes, lances and shields, plate and mail. Strangely, nothing of his make would break in battle and no one knew why. Every swing of one of his blades would strike true, every shield would hold with the strength of a fortress. He became renowned across calradia as one of the greatest smiths, with his weapons valued enough to buy the entirety of a town's weapons, armor, food, trade goods, and animals with a single blade and the town would still make a profit from it.

…I should probably explain where I fit in this story, shouldn't I?

Along the way he had gathered a small group of 9 people (10 including him.) These people were the following:

Himself, his brother Reinhardt, his two younger siblings Aya and Noel, and then 6 companions he found around calradia that he saw something special about. Lliari (The Wanderer, Urien (Fairhair), Borvald (Barrelchest), Thorgud (The Brave), Penek (The Swift), and finally me, Borvald (The Grizzled) and yes it is confusing that there are two Borvalds, this is why we came up with the titles to distinguish ourselves with everyone else joining in the fun. His siblings acted as governors for territories while he was fighting wars (they were very anxious when he was away and relieved when he finally returned from whatever war it was) while the companions either led armies under his banner or acted as a personal guard in battle.

Back to where I left off… one day he decided he wanted to be a lord, so he went to each king with an offer: "make me a lord of the land and I will craft you weapons and armor of your choice that would make the gods themselves envy you. The Horselord of the east rejected his, for a horse could not be crafted of metal and thus had no value to him (Caldar later proved this wrong by creating a mechanical horse and riding it into battle in the War For The Deserts, which in itself would require an entire novel dedicated to it to give it any justice.) The Sultan of the South rejected him for he was not of aserai descent and thus not worthy of serving him (oh, what a fool he was for insulting Caldar like that.) The Sturgian Prince declined for he did not trust armor made outside of his own hold (to which Caldar studied for a short while under the royal smiths of sturgia to see if there was something in their armor that made it unique, and it turns out they had bear pelts on the inside of any plate to keep it warm rather than expose skin to metal cold from brutal winter!), next he went to each imperial claimant and was rejected three times, suspected of being a spy for one of the other sides. The High King of Battania denied it for similar reasons as the Sultan, though I suspect Caldar winning a fight between 5 of Caladog's personal guard simulataneously may have stung his pride a bit.

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Finally, with patience running thin, Caldar approached the mercenary lord of the west and offered him the same deal as the rest. To Caldar's shock, Derthert accepted! Finally, Caldar was a lord of the realm, and he followed true to his end of the deal and Derthert wore armor that could buy an entire kingdom if desired.

(Part 2, For King and For Family)

Now that Caldar was a lord, he got to work on his plan to become king. First, he got to know the lords and became good friends with a few who still serve him to this day. Next, he won the hearts of the people. He gave the starving food, any winnings from tournaments he would donate to the poor and needy so they could eat that day. He went to villages and helped them, worked alongside them. He showed then all he was not like the other lords, he was another person, just like them who would make a difference in the world wherever he could.

Over the course of years, Caldar experimented with weapons and fighting styles to determine how he would fight in battles. He tried two handed weapons but found them too unwieldy, he tried spears and pikes on foot but disliked the vulnerability of someone getting past the spear tip. He tried lancing but had horrible luck with horses, who would buck him off whenever they could. Crossbows were too slow for him, carrying many throwing weapons to make it worthwhile became a chore, shields were clunky and could be used against you by hooking the shield and being forced to either drop to the ground or lose the shield.

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However, one day he tried using a mace on its own and found it to be everything he has been looking for. Light, effective against armor, able to knock out with a good blow to the head, overall a simple yet amazing weapon. Upon discovering it he went to the forge and began to work on his own personal weapon. A mace head of solid black steel, with gold dust sprinkled on it throughout the forging process to give it a unique sparkle that no one has managed to recreate. A handle of wood from one of Battania's oldest trees, wrapped in fur from a bear in the farthest reaches of sturgia, who had never known what warmth felt like. As he was forging this, a thought came to him: "what if i make a weapon none have ever seen before?" And so he did exactly that. Rather than attach the head and handle to a bar of iron, he attached it to the ends of a short chain and took it to his town of Marunath (oh, right. He managed to get marunath after sieging it in the war between vlandia and battania, Caladog held a grudge until the day he died for it.) where a tournament was being held and made an offer to the entire tournament: whoever could best him would have a helmet made of solid gold, inlaid with rubies. Every man and even some particularly brave women in the entire town went against him for such a prize. After all, what is a few bruises and bones to the promise of wealth enough to buy a lordship?

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They all failed.

None could best him, very few lasted more than 20 seconds, even fewer managed to land a single blow on him. His weapon was perfect, being able to lasso weapons and disarm opponents, crush armor and skulls alike, shields would splinter from the mere touch of it, even getting inside the effective range of it was futile, as the chain doubled as a way to grapple and choke opponents. Now, with his new weapon he went to derthert and asked for war with the Aserai. When asked why, Caldar replied with "The Sultan insulted me long ago, I intend to correct his views." And so began the War For The Deserts, which spanned 3 years and resulted with several Aserai lords a head shorter than before and the Sultan finding himself 6 feet farther underground than he would have been if he had never insulted Caldar.

I may continue this if people seem to like it, if not then eh, whatever.


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