Mount & Blade 2

Calradia 1417 AD (Warband mod)

There is no real reason behind this post beside wanting to give this mod some attention. Before I start I will address that this mod, although one of my favorite mods for Mount and Blade, has clearly been untested by the mod author or has been barely tested. I think the mod author had abandoned this which is a shame because there is clearly more to be added and fixed. Sorry for the long story just felt like sharing this since I felt like I've been playing and patching this mod since I got it.

I want to say that I bought warband however many years ago because of the medieval theme unfortunately for me it was more inspired by the High Medieval period which isn't bad just wasn't my preferred part of the period. Then came Calradia 1417, I only discovered the mod five months ago but it has exactly what I wanted. From what I have read almost everyone that has tried this mod has had issues (missing textures and broken siege battles), I was no exception and had the game crash because certain types of helmets weren't loaded properly. I have zero modding experience and am kind of a noob to PC gaming but regardless, I attempted to fix what the mod author overlooked.

These fixes aren't great but they have allowed me to play the game with minimal issue. If anyone else picks this mod up I'll let you know that there are two textures in the file that are a bit stuffed and you need to use the scene editor to fix the issue with the siege for Durquba and Ergellon Castle.

Textures: I can't recall, but one of the textures files was given a "_n" instead of "_s", one of the "klappvisor" textures was missing so I just duplicated and renamed it.

Scene Editor: Ergellon Castle doesn't have an entry point to the keep or to the jail so I needed to add in those entry points. Durquba … where to begin, the whole battle is just fucked. The city is about five metres above where the attacking army spawns. I had to bring everything to the ground. Along with fixing the objects I had to also remap the attacking ai mesh which took about three days. I also changed Reyvadin because the mod author placed trees on the road leading to the city, you don't have to change this, just broke my immersion.


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