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Calradia: 1577 – A Concept for an Early-Modern Mount & Blade

Content of the article: "Calradia: 1577 – A Concept for an Early-Modern Mount & Blade"

Inspired by this post by u/DubiousDevil, I've decided to post a concept I wrote a while ago for a Mount and Blade game set during the early modern period. This isn't something I ever intended to post, but it's the kind of thing I'd like to see a little more of, since the world of Mount and Blade has always interested me a lot.

Starting in 1577, this scenario sees the factions of Warband, their successors, and their conquerors, battling for control of a Calradia rapidly approaching modernity. For the purposes of fairness, guns will be used as a slower but more powerful ranged alternative to crossbows. This is so guns can exist without destroying the traditional Mount and Blade combat experience.

Factions are listed roughly by their unit speciality, and the factions are written more to be interesting than to be strictly balanced, since this will never, ever actually be made:

The Vikkish Empire:-

Ruler: Lethwin the 12th

Capital: Jelbeth

Unit Speciality: Heavy shot

Racial: 'Northern Professionalism: Gunpowder units reload 20% faster, but your parties are 10% smaller'

The Vikkish Empire stretches the entire Northern Coast of Calradia, from Sargeth to Rivacheg to Baldagard. Preeminence over such a wide stretch of the continent has seen the Vikkish forsake the brutality of their ancestors for a love of culture and curiosity – especially, a curiosity about new ways to take life. Their speciality is musketeers. They have no crossbow line, and their top tier unit, the Sturmdremer, is the only tier 7 gunpowder unit in the game.

(Chief Inspiration: The Swedish Empire, but with more viking imagery) –

The Khultait Khanate:-

Ruler: Tugudai

Capital: Tulga

Unit speciality: Mounted shot

Racial: 'Twin Thunders: Can reload rifles on horseback, cavalry are 10% faster'

The Khultaits are nomads, this is very important to remember. They are not natives to this land, they came screaming over the mountains and conquered it in a storm of mounted arrows. So what if today the Khultaits march more than they ride, and what does it matter that no lord among them can fire and arrow from horseback, when the arquebus puts every bow under heaven to shame? Their top unit is the Karakeshik, the only mounted gunpowder line in the game.

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(Chief Inspiration: The late Mongols, and the early Cossacks)

The Darshi Janissariate:-

Ruler: Omid the 2nd

Capital: Azmerad

Unit Speciality: Light shot

Racial: 'Scorpion Tactics: Enemies under attack by cavalry take 10% more damage from gunfire, but gunpowder units take 10% more damage from melee attacks'

"The centuries long efforts of the Aserai, Sarranid, and later Uqasid Sultanates to centralise the tribes of the southern deserts finally succeeded – in unifying the tribes against the Sultan, that is. The military seized control, and their leader, Omid the Great, declared an end to Sultans for all time. Then he died, and now Omid the 2nd sits in the palace of the Sultans, wearing the clothes of the Sultans – though of course, even the idea that he is anything like a Sultan himself is enough to make men disappear in the night. Their top unit is the Jezailier – a light, long ranged musketeer. They also have the fastest cavalry in the game, though it is fairly weak."

(Chief Inspiration: Cromwell's England – a tenuous 'republic' in the sands of Southern Calradia)

The Great Old Empire:-

Ruler: Empress Isobeth

Capital: Suno

Unit Speciality: Heavy cavalry, crossbows

Racial: 'Flowers of Chivalry: Cavalry levels twice as fast, but all other units level half as fast'

"With the end of the final Rhodok Revolt, and with a tenuous grasp of history, King Isodred declared the restoration of the Calradic Empire, as well as his intent to restore the old Imperial Borders. Since then, though, the 'Empire' has done little more than guard its existing borders – against armies and ideas. Entirely lacking gunpowder units, their top units are the Chevalier, an armoured knight, and the Sharpshooter, a heavy crossbowman"

(Chief Inspiration: The Holy Roman Empire)

The Tsardom of Geroia:-

Ruler: Dolkorov the 9th

Capital: Khudan

Unit speciality: Infantry, archers, massed units

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Racial: 'Blood and Snow: Parties are 10% larger, and have access to quickly-respawning tier 0 units at villages, but town prosperity and improvements are capped at a low level'

" "Beneath the snow" the men of the tundra say "there is a sea of blood". Some peoples brand themselves conquerors, the men of the tundra might better be called 're-conquerors'. Half a hundred times their kingdoms have been snuffed out, only to rise again and cast off the yolk of Northmen and Nomads alike. After the loss of Rivacheg, the reeling princes of the tundra invited the powerful Count of Geroia to rule them, and expect this new leadership to lead them to victory beneath the Rock of Rivacheg once more. Their top units are the Streltsy, light infantry skirmishers, and the Royal Hunter, heavy archers. They also lack dedicated ranged firearms, instead having the only archer line in the game, giving them the fastest firing ranged units. Their units are generally softer than other factions."

(Chief Inspiration: Early Romanov Russia – very chaotic, brutal and depressing)

The Ortysian League:-

Ruler: Doge Dolicia

Capital: Ortysium

Unit speciality: Heavy Infantry, Mercenaries, Foreign units.

Racial: "Novus Imperium: Can recruit units from allied mercenaries at castles, and have access to mercenary companies other kingdoms cannot hire. At coastal cities, they can also recruit powerful foreign units, but…"

Each coastal culture has a different foreign unit that Ortysian players can recruit at their coastal cities, but only if they or an Ortysian character control the city. In effect, this could give them 3 tier-7 unit lines, but to recruit them in any numbers would require controlling nearly the entire map. The foreign units are:

– The Hulpac: Tier 7 spearman line, at Darshi coastal cities

– The Flower Knight: Tier 7 heavy cavalry line, at Imperial coastal cities

– The Fire Lancer: Tier 7 gunpowder line, at Vikkish coastal cities

"The Calradic Empire fell, this is true, but what about the Calradic people? They never did. They have always been here, enduring beneath barbarian yoke and heel. When the last flame of the Rhodok Rebellion was snuffed out, free-thinking Calradians flocked to the last ember of the old ways – Ortysium. Within a generation, this city has grown into a state all of its own, dominating trade and commerce in every port in Calradia – and far beyond. Calradia is a corpse, nothing but the bleached bones of old glory, squabbled over by jackles who wear her rotten flesh and claim her as their own. But the world is more than just old Calradia, and those who truly bear the name 'Calradians' cannot help but wonder – is it not time for a whole new kind of Empire? Their own top unit is the Condotiari – super heavy infantry"

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(Chief Inspirations: Portugal, Venice – all with a Greco-Roman flair)


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