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Can multiplayer for this game ever recover?

Content of the article: "Can multiplayer for this game ever recover?"

After waiting for so long for this game to release and to see the state of multiplayer now, do you think that even when the game is finally completed that the multiplayer will recover its player base? I have taken into account that the game is still work in progress but come on, how much longer can we allow this excuse.

Right now I would probably say multiplayer is the worst it has been since launch for multiple reasons which I will list below.

  1. Servers: The devs have still not released the host files for community servers to host their own servers. The fact they haven't is literally why the game is dying. Warband was great for this, it had multiple servers owned by clans which was great for building communities and seeing regular faces on the same servers. You had the big community events, siege servers, TDM's which were actually fun. The fact they want to keep the servers to themselves, for what? Did they think this would turn into an e-sport and wanted full control of the servers or something? I don't understand. The fact that when a round ends it ends the server and you have to go back to the custom server screen and choose the server again, I just don't get it. It took months and months for duel servers to be added (not public hosted ones) to be added, after players were calling for them for a very long time, even into beta and alpha, there isn't even a duel mode it's just TDM. Where is the battle mode, where is the capture the flag, king of the hill? There's nothing.
  2. Balancing: The balance of the class systems is off, the power of heavy horse classes is still way too strong – in some skirmishes you will see whole teams going full heavy cav from the start and steam rolling. Adding crush through damage with enough damage to kill with 1 strike from 100% hp, I know they are looking to adjust this but why would they even allow this in the first place, what is the point of blocking if you can't stop this damage?
  3. Time: My time, and i'm sure your time, is valuable to you and when you get spare time to game you want to be having fun. The waiting times for skirmishes at the moment is long. And I mean long. The longest queue i've had is 25 minutes, in a queue to play a game which was already started on a 2/0 losing team with 3 guys on. I spent 25 minutes in a queue to play 1 round, with 3 people left on the team and be rolled by 5 clan tagged heavy horse. It's demoralizing and it's just not right.
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Here is what I have experienced on the past few times I hop onto bannerlord. I log on, I try joining a skirmish but the queue takes way too long, I give up on the skirmish queue and go to play on a TDM server, which is just mind numbing zerg groups running round like headless chickens and getting teamed up on in 5v1's for 20 minutes and then closing the game.

I keep trying to go back to multiplayer for bannerlord but I just don't think it's going to happen. Multiplayer for this game for me is dead and I think for a lot of people it is too till the devs actually start to address these issues. If it wasn't for the mods that i've seen coming up this game would already be gathering dust in my steam library.


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