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Can someone explain why I keep getting captured after winning battles?

Content of the article: "Can someone explain why I keep getting captured after winning battles?"

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I am a vassal for Sturgia and we are currently at war with Vlandia. For the most part we are wiping the floor with them and I even led a siege on Rovalt and took the city which was a lot of fun!

Unfortunately I am having trouble maintaining all these victories because I regularly lose all my troops after we win battles. I get captured even after victories. At first it only happened maybe once or twice but now it is happening nearly every battle.

Im writing this post right after fighting in a battle where I had over 600 troops and we were going against a Vlandian force of 90. Of course the battle was over in a few minutes and we won AND I still had over half my health by the end of it. The victory screen came up I clicked done and then when it went back to the map it said I had been captured but I was now free because my captors had been defeated in battle. I personally had about 70 troops in the army and I lost all of them.

So far the only ways I have gotten around this is by reloading a save before the battle and hoping it doesn’t happen again or by sending in troops and not actually going into battle myself (which is no fun). Unfortunately if I just send my troops it counts as a loss at the end even if we win with 300+ men still standing.

On another occasion I was inside of Rovalt when an army of about 600 started setting up a siege camp. Luckily a friendly army of about 400 showed up just in time and attacked them. I exited the city and joined the fight with about 70 men and we managed to win! It was a huge victory and honestly could’ve set the stage to allow us to invade the rest of Vlandia but sure enough after we won I was captured and then immediately released and I lost all my men again. I ended up reloading an older save but this time the 600 person Vlandian army decided not to siege the city and now we are in a stalemate fighting over the same castles over and over again.

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I have gotten really into this game over the past week or so and I want to keep playing it but this is literally making it unplayable and I have lost a lot of Gold recruiting and promoting new troops after this happened on more than one occasion before I figured out ways around it.

Does anybody know why this is happening or how I can fix it without reloading old saves? Is there an update I somehow missed?


I found the beta update on steam and joined the beta program for 1.5.2 which claims to have fixed the issue as well as a few others I luckily haven’t experienced yet. Currently updating. Hopefully it works.


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