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Companions’ Stats, Max Skill Levels

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I find it helpful to examine the companions' potential, not just what their stats are at the beginning of the game. For example, which companion has the highest potential Trade skill at level 20? Which companion would have the highest combination of Steward, Tactics and Leadership skills at level 15? This spreadsheet makes it easy to answer to those questions.


  1. Make a copy of the Google sheet (File | Make a copy).
  2. Open the copied Google sheet.
  3. Navigate to the Companion Suffixes tab.
  4. Pick a Goal Level and enter it in cell DP1. This level is the goal for how high you want to level your companion(s). Done!
  5. OPTIONAL: if you want, create a custom formula. I created one in column DM to add the Tactics and Steward skills, i.e. "=sum(CY2,BS2)." I wanted to know the best companion(s) to get for leading a party. You could easily add the Trade skill in there to ascertain which companions are the best for caravans. Then your topmost formula would be " =sum(CY2,BS2,CR2)" and you'd copy, paste it to each cell below that, i.e. DM2 through DM64. (Don't worry about messing up the formulas. You can always come back to this shared sheet and make a new copy.)
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  1. Data is from the start of the game. So when you're level 22 and run across a companion, he/she won't have the same stats as the spreadsheet because he/she has leveled too. (Mostly I use this data to decide which companions to pursue at the beginning of the game.)
  2. Many column headings have a comment so you can see what the abbreviation stands for, e.g. MSL = Max Skill Level.
  3. MSL is calculated based on the formula:
    ((Attribute Points * 14) – 10) + (Focus Points * 40)
  4. Companion stats are randomized at the start of each game. So the numbers in the spreadsheet are often not whole numbers, i.e. they're decimals, e.g. 2.67.
  5. Sometimes there are multiple companions with the same suffix but the suffices show different stats, e.g. the Scholar suffix, Wanderer and Wronged. You can tell which is which by reading the first line of their story and finding the match in the DS column of the spreadsheet.
  6. Data is pulled from the adjacent sheet titled "C Raw Data."
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Let me know if you have questions.

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