Mount & Blade 2

Company of Trouble is an obnoxious quest and needs fixing.

This quest is obnoxious. Some random noble wants you to make a bunch of mercenaries someone else's problem, because they're getting too expensive for her.

The problem is, these guys are bandits. They're thieves. They swore that if they weren't paid, they'd just "go bandit" altogether and start raiding places. If you take the job, you get these clowns in your party and cannot dismiss them.

Not only do they draw wages despite having been prepaid for the contract, they flagrantly steal your goods!

Why exactly don't I just march into the woods and hang these motherfuckers from the nearest convenient tree? They're stealing my property. We hang thieves in this company, I say. It would solve everybody's problems: the noblewoman would no longer have a company of unruly bandits taking her money and stealing from her larder, I'd no longer have a company of unruly bandits taking my money and stealing from my baggage train?

Nobody wants to take these clowns, and you have to pass an obnoxious skill challenge twice consecutively.

I just want to execute these guys, I don't care if it massively dings my mercy or honor meters anymore. I've actually taken to putting them in a formation all of their own, starting battles, marching them out in front of everybody else, and shooting them in the back of the head.

Unfortunately, they have an annoying tendency to not die when killed thanks to my brand-new medic companion, So then I have to wait for them to heal up from the repeated arrow wounds.

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This quest is broken, and it needs a way to break out of it that doesn't involve a random traveler who may not be the most well-spoken in Calradia successfully convincing some lord they need this gang of thieving sellswords in their warband.


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