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Consistent Chambering Guide: WIP

I believe that consistent chambering is possible to learn.

I think I have found a small step towards learning consistent chambering. What we want to do is an extremely early parry.

The most difficult part of chambering is the timing. Unlike a parry, where you have almost the full window of the opponent's swing to pull it off, with a chamber the window is much smaller. It's also easy to do a chamber *too early*, as well as too late.

This is where the "extremely early parry" comes in. I don't think it's possible on 100% of swings but if you parry early enough into an opponent's release (but still *always after release*, like a parry), it will take long enough for their weapon to hit yours that it registers as a block, not a parry.

Reflex-wise, this is harder than chambering, because you need to do it even earlier into the opponent's swing. However, because there are clear audio cues to help you, it is much easier to practice. If you pull it off, you'll hear a "block" noise rather than a parry noise, even though you clicked *after* the opponent's release. I find this easiest to do against thrust and against vertical strikes from a 2hander (thrust is a different timing but it has a longer window, and vertical w/ 2hander telegraphs the release in a way I find easier to spot).

The timing for a chamber is less reflex-intensive than the Extremely Early Parry, but still difficult, as the timing for the Extremely Early Parry is *TOO EARLY TO PULL OFF A SUCCESSFUL CHAMBER*. What you want to do is practice timing extremely early parries and extremely late parries, and then narrow down the timing for a successful chamber from there. I'll say this: it's definitely on the early side. If I were to guess, roughly the first 15% of a strike you fail, then next 25% is the chamber sweet spot, and then next 60% is too late for a chamber but not for a parry.

I'm pretty sure it's consistently doable, because

a) I don't believe the positioning needs to be any more precise than a parry (imo people talking about how the positioning needs to be much more precise than a parry are probably just mis-timing the chamber or holding down the attack button — positioning is a little important for the plane of the attack but not as much as people think)

and b) It doesn't need twitch reflexes.

It might even be consistently doable in multiplayer, because the hard part isn't how quick you need to be, it's about seeing the release, waiting a *very* short period of time, and then attacking. It's probably still possible to fail chambers in multiplayer because you attacked too early.

Practice Notes:

* Do not hold down left-click when trying to chamber. Just tap it.

* Try to "match their hands". To find the timing for the chamber, try to mirror what they're doing exactly, you want your hands to meet their hands perfectly, you only want your hands to be there a split second before your opponent's. It has to be early in the release, but not too early.

* The training area veteran trainer is a great way to practice. Pick up the spear and shield, put away the shield, kick -> swing the first guy once or twice and he'll go down and practice with the big old guy. The shield can be useful to practice Extremely Late Parries.

* If you are having trouble figuring out if you were too early or too late, practice *late* parries until you are getting hit 50% of the time, then practice the EEPs again.

* Pay attention to whether the opponent has the weapon held back already. If they do, it is much easier to time EEPs and chambers. However, opponents often throw out strikes without holding the weapon back first. These attacks come out a little faster, so if you are not adjusting your timing you'll fail the Extremely Early Parry (and also the chamber). If you are having trouble knowing if it's going to be an

* I'm pretty sure the thrust timing is the most forgiving, but it still throws me off.

* imo left and right swings only seem easier because it's harder to do them too early. Vertical and thrust on the other hand, it's easier to do before you should.


* I still can't chamber very well at all but I might do a video if there's enough interest.


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