Mount & Blade 2

Dear Devs…

Not sure if a dev would see this but i read in one of the steam reviews that the devs tend to read and interact with the community a lot to the point where they even read the reddit. So my request being, can we please one day have an update that adds per settlement statistics that show population numbers as well as ethnicity stats, overall happiness, population separated into the different stratas (craftsmen, labourers, farmers, traders, nobles, etc.) with their own overall happiness-es. as well as of course making the different stratas meaningful in the game for example, the thing that springs into my mind is imperator rome and victoria 2. Also i think it would be a really good idea if when we gain slaves by raiding, conquering and fighting and we then sell the slaves on the market of a particular town, that would affect the population statistics in the town, for example having many different cultures in one town might increase unrest however it will give you access to stock that isnt available in the region or new units to recruit. P.s. i know this is getting long but please oh please if you're not gonna work on the map looks then at least give us the tools to make our maps look like something more similar to a total war game rather than this. i get that some people find an appeal in oversized assets in their maps but i personally don't and i think i can say with confidence that i'm not alone in this opinion.

Edit: i'd also like to add that a rethink in the building is a much needed thing, not something that should be a priority but definitely something that should be on the board of future plans, i highly suggest something similar to how medieval 2 worked, the closest example to this in a m&b game is nova aetas which i personally think was and is one of the greatest warband mods to have ever existed, which leads me to my next point which is a thing that i think pretty much everyone wants, which is an armor crafting system similar to the weapon crafting system, that is an absolute necessity which should definitely be one of the priorities in future updates once the game fully releases.


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