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Did the devs removed the daily 100 denars support that Kingdoms give you when you join one of them?

I tried the game in my friend computer for 4 weeks I think, but I stopped playing and moved to another location because of my job, now after I returned to my city I bought my own copy of the game in my Steam account.

After I installed the game I noticed so many differences, the most annoying changes for me is, kingdoms don't support you with 100 denars when you join them anymore, and Companions wages have changed from 0 to 30 denars. I don't like to play like a kingdom ruler or ally, but after knowing that I can win 100 denars daily by joining kingdoms I start doing so for every new character, and I was enjoying the game that way, but now, after the latest patch I guess I will return to play as an independent clan.

Joining a kingdom now means I will find barrages of troops from other hostile kingdoms in my way and my caravans too, that's not good for me, because my play style is to be a peaceful merchant with very few men in my back, going between kingdoms to sell my goods, protecting myself against bandits, and let the big dogs bite each other, reports says this dog colonized this fief and the other dog lost this fief…. and life goes on.

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I can make an indestructible army and destroy every single kingdom, I'm so [email protected]**ing good at exterminating my enemies, I can own Calradia easily, colonizing Calradia is like drinking a cup of water, but if I colonize Calradia I won't enjoy the game anymore, because there will be one single kingdom only, no wars between kingdoms and less complex hostile activities or maybe nothing at all.

I'm an old player but, I'm new to mount and blade, I played the game for a total of 4 weeks, maybe less, therefore, I didn't experienced all the features and things that the game can give me, that's why I talked about what I know and experienced, and now, I want you lords of Calradia to tell me what do you think about my case?

I like to know what do you recommend for me to enjoy the game more now that you know my play style.

Thank you in advance.


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