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Does anybody else look at bannerlord and instead just end up wanting to play warband

Content of the article: "Does anybody else look at bannerlord and instead just end up wanting to play warband"

When I played warband the variety of tasks and encounters seemed limited, but the absolute freedom and openness of the game/story was so enticing and I found myself playing the game for days on end enjoying every minute. When I play bannerlord I just don’t get the same thrill. Ignoring the bugs as there to be expected, the game just doesn’t feel the same, I genuinely would have been happy with a game almost identical to warband with smoother mechanics, a newer map and npcs, and better graphics. And while tale-worlds delivered literally all of these, it just seems to me that the new additions to the game implemented as they currently stand just don’t improve my experience and some even take away from it. The battles seem too meaningless, the lords seem to hollow, while in warband if you joined a kingdom you had to do your best to please or harm the other lords in bannerlord it seems totally ok to just ignore the others. I personally think that the feasts should absolutely be brought back as these added to the social aspect of a kingdom. I think that the warband system of finding other lords was much more appealing to me as it seemed realistic compared to checking your notes which magically held the location in bannerlord. This mechanic to me seemed geared at forcing ppl to look in the notes for no real reason. I think most importantly with bannerlord there needs to be someway to remove the quest line easily in game. All the character and clan customization is great so long as we can choose to play without the quest. What was so appealing to me about warband was that whatever you chose to do it was your choice, and you could do whatever you wanted, allowing you to go at any pace, fight anyone, move anywhere, and befriend anyone. The quest line for bannerlord makes the game feel like you need to do this and then this, and you need to do it now. While I understand it’s helpful for beginners to start, but so was the beginning quest of warband, the quest line for bannerlord inevitably makes every play through I have feel repetitive and forced. In the end I will continue to play bannerlord and can’t wait for its release I just hope that tale-worlds return to their roots with mount and blade.

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Ps I also would love a multiplayer campaign


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