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Fiefs are distributed unfairly (Bannerlord)

Content of the article: "Fiefs are distributed unfairly (Bannerlord)"

So I was playing Bannerlord for a while now. I joined a kingdom and after a while I got myself a castle. It is kinda well positioned, somewhere in the middle of the realm so it is easily accessible (From furthest points of continent it takes only few days to get back if needed) and on the other hand it is not being raided very often, because its in the middle of a friendly territory.

Then I tried to get myself another castle (or maybe a town, that would be nice, right?) so I started siegeing. So I picked few fiefs, that had a good strategic positions and I went for it.

First I tried it by making an armada, but everytime there was an election, I wasnt even mentioned, or I had below 10% support. So after a while, when I could get a bigger group of soldiers under my command, I tried it solo. But the result was the same – no fief for me 🙁

So I gave up, I went back to defeating poor random lords that crossed my path, doing some smithing and just roaming around doing more or less random stuff.

And then, out of nowhere, there was an election for a castle. My name was there. And the support? Something like 80%. So I checked where the castle is. It was in the north-east corner (I'm not sure if I got the direction right – I oriented myself by the snow and dessert areas), the biggest sh*t-hole in the whole continent. So I voted against me, I used the maximum amount of influence but they still forced me to have it. I even tried get rid of it via another election to change a fief owner, but they didnt let me.

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In Warband there was an option to refuse. Is anything like it planned in Bannerlord? Feels kinda bad, because I will now have to wait for who knows how long, before they give me another castle or town. It frustrated me so much that now I dont feel like playing. Maybe it sounds stupid, but it really bummered me up.

P.s. – english is a second language, but I guess it should be understandable :)))


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