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Fighting the Khuzait is incredibly frustrating, just like the bloody Khergit before them.

Content of the article: "Fighting the Khuzait is incredibly frustrating, just like the bloody Khergit before them."

I have a major problem with the Khuzaits: any army they have that isn't an infantry-heavy mercenary band that I can run down, is one I do not want to fight. That's fine, I can avoid them.

But the ones I do want to fight are just impossible to chase the hell down! I've had to literally chase Khuzait warbands to the literal ends of Calradia to bring them to bay and force an engagement if they didn't goof and try to run away onto a peninsula or something.

I mean, that's… Tolerable, but for one major, major problem:

I can't besiege jack! Any time I try to set up to besiege a castle, if Lady Baltakhand doesn't show up with a premade doomstack, they just sit there and start deathballing. Even when they're vastly overextended into what should be friendly territory for me and I'm trying to carve off a castle they took earlier, the entire Khanate shows up to wreck my face.

I'm seriously starting to wish I had joined them instead of Sturgia, which is getting its ass kicked badly, and is down to two towns. I kicked up my speed bonus from Bannerlord Tweaks, but this is still frustrating and untenable.

Worse, I had the Khan and Mesui captured, but they escaped during a long siege I had to abort. Should I just start chopping off Khuzait heads? I'd like to take Khuzait territory and get access to their gear and troops again, but I have to get their numbers under control, and I sure as hell can't count on the Sturgian lords – literally the moment I decided I was gonna doomstack that castle, Ragnvad called for every other lord to go do not-even-the-gods-know-what – sure as hell he wasn't reinforcing me, nor was he hammering them anywhere else, and no, we weren't in any other wars at the time.

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And worse, because I don't even have a single damn holding, I don't have anywhere to stash troops – or prisoners. So I just had to yeet a whole bunch of high-tier infantry from my warband just to speed things up.


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