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Finished my in-game campaign that lasted over 24 in-game years. Here’s a list of changes, features, etc I was left wishing while playing.

Content of the article: "Finished my in-game campaign that lasted over 24 in-game years. Here’s a list of changes, features, etc I was left wishing while playing."

So, just for background, I was playing on 1.4.0 still, because I wanted to play with the AI Values Life, Getting Old, and Heroes Must Die mods which added permadeath for the player, companions, lords, etc etc.

I played as 5 different characters in my Clan at different points, 3 men and 2 women. I was a vassal of Vlandia fairly early in the game, and Vlandia was snowballing but then melted away when the Khuzaits came knocking. By the end of my campaign (when my last blood relative died), only the Southern Empire and the Khuzaits were left.

As I've been playing on 1.4.0 some of this stuff may already be patched in, but I have read the patch notes and removed anything that seems like it has.

Changes/Features I'd Like to See

  • Reinforcements during a battle should arrive outside of the Red Boundary, and then make their way into the battlefield. Too many times I've been attacking the enemy positioned at one point of the map, and their reinforcements appear behind my soldiers.

  • Formations should have an option to target a specific troop type of the enemy. For example, if I want my archers to shoot at the enemy archer formation, instead of wasting arrows on their shields.

  • Use Spears/Use Blunt/etc commands to direct units with multiple weapons to use a specific one. This was a feature in Warband. Either this, or limit units to having only a single melee weapon. This way at least we'll know that if we recruit spearmen, they'll be using their spears.

  • Pull Rider from Horse it should be possible to pull a rider from their horse as a way to dehorse them. If a cavalry unit is moving at a very slow speed, or is static, foot units should have this option.

  • Order Clan Parties on Map You should be able to order your clan parties to some degree. Simple commands such as patrol around X town. Raid caravans/peasants. Fight bandits.

  • You should be able to pay a premium to have a blacksmith forge a custom weapon for you Instead of having to forge it yourself. How many kings were forging their own weapons? No they had a master smith do it.

  • Checkbox for Smithing Weapons to make the item unique This would prevent it from appearing in-game as another item in markets/tournaments.

  • Noble Tournaments This would be like the existing tournaments, but instead of allowing all-comers, it would require a certain level of renown or rank within a faction. It would be populated with lords, and higher tiered units as fillers where needed. The rewards would be greater, and the renown.

  • Encampment Option Similar to Warband, you should be able to set up camp when on the campaign map. Setting up camp should take a short period of time, at which point you're vulnerable to attacks as you cannot move until the encampment has been broken down. The larger your party, the longer it takes to make/break camp. While in camp, passive XP gain is higher, healing is also faster. Additional options for Encampment battles would be great too.

  • Fort Creation – Lords should be able to create small forts on the map. These could be used to create chokepoints, fortify regions, etc. These forts would be very small, but would provide rudimentary defense in a siege, and also allowed to act as sort of 'Hideouts' for kingdoms to garrison soldiers in. Forts, require upkeep cost and a garrison, otherwise they fall into disrepair and disappear from the map.

  • HideOut for Player – Perhaps as a perk of the Roguery skills. The player could create a Hideout like the bandits have. This could act as a stash, a small garrison, and a dungeon. The player would want to place it in a place lords wouldn't be likely to find it. This would be a nice alternative for players who might enjoy the mercenary/outlaw playstyle.

  • Peace Treaties – Similar to the treaties of EU4. The parties involved should be able to negotiate terms if the war was fairly even. If the war was exceptionally one-sided the winning faction may be able to enforce demands more severe on the losing party.

  • Vassal Kingdoms – If a nation becomes too small or weak, it should have the ability to become a tributary kingdom to the larger more powerful kingdom. However, there is a risk that the vassal eventually goes to war with the overlord for independence.

  • Slight Castle – If you conquer an enemy castle, but don't want to take the time or give up men to garrison it, you should be able to slight the castle. This would destroy some of the buildings, maybe take the wall level down a level, and also make it unusable for a short period in the same way a village is unusable after it's been raided. This would allow you to continue your offensive, without actually taking control of the castle, but also not having to worry about the enemy immediately taking it back and loading up a fat garrison.

  • Disease Mechanic – Diseases could pop up in towns randomly and spread around. This would reduce prosperity, hearths, and the number of available recruits. An additional building such as 'Hospital' could reduce the impact of the disease on the town/villages.

  • Feasts, hunts, tournaments – The player should be able to hold feasts, hunts, and tournaments in their town/castle. This would be a nice way to gather lords and their families for easier charm/courting. Hunts could involve just riding through the woodlands looking for a deer or something to shoot with other lords. The one who brings it down getting bonuses in renown/relation.

  • Hear Grievances – While in a town or castle, you should have the option to hold court and hear grievances. Quest givers could come to you with various quests/issues and you make decisions on those which affect their relation, prosperity, tax income, etc.

  • Detachments When you've got a huge army, or a large party, and you spot an enemy lord riding away with his 50 or so men, you have no hope of catching them. You should be able to quickly dispatch a detachment of a number of your soldiers to chase the enemy down. This would allow your army to catch up and hopefully engage the enemy with the bulk of your forces.

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Anyways, long wishlist, but after playing these are just some things that came to mind.


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