Mount & Blade 2

First Blood – A Recruit’s Journey

Calradic Campaign 2-1, experienced by a first-time Vaegir recruit.

(Credit to u/Richardios for the inspiration)

Polo remembered those days in the past, they seemed like they were a century ago, but they were still fresh in his memory, an immortal scar on his soul.

His family had been driven from Rivacheg by the Nords, caught in a wave of refugees heading south, his mother and sister died of disease on the way south. However, Polo’s father, Lasmov, was undeterred, he vowed to join the Vaegir armies, to fight for the crown, and win new land for his family to live in in peace.

Lasmov struck west with the Emperor’s immortal armies, he was one of the first up the wall when Praven fell, killing 5 Swadian footmen with fury, but his days of campaigning would not last forever.

Lasmov met his end as a Rhodok crossbow bolt met with his neck, dying on the plains of Veluca.

The news came to Polo a few weeks later. This was it. First those Nords made him and his brother beggars, now the Rhodoks had taken his father. Polo was never overly loyal to his Emperor and to his country, but now he was determined to bring about a Vaegir supremacy over Calradia.

When the call to arms was issued, Polo grabbed a horse with his elder brother, Dimitri, and they rode south from Suno. Polo was only 17, his brother 3 years older, but he didn’t care that he was too young for war, he was one of the strongest young men in his village, and tall too; he would slip into the army unnoticed.

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It took weeks to travel to the Emperor’s camp, but finally Polo and his brother made it to pledge their allegiance to Emperor Sault and his fighting machine. One of the Boyars noticed Polo’s strength, and outfitted him with the rest of the vanguard, equipping him with somewhat light armour, a shield, a scimitar, a spear, and Polo’s favourite: a bardiche. Dimitri was placed in the same unit, they would join the rest of the infantry vanguard led by Emperor Sault himself, it was an honour.

The Vaegirs stuck south into Rhodok territory, finally meeting King Nethor’s armies near a small village; this would be where the war would begin.

Polo joined the vanguard in attempting to hold the village. Vaegir forces secured the outskirts, and desperately tried to avoid Rhodok crossbowmen who rained fire upon them. Polo doggedly held his ground, but was unable to join the rest of the infantry in falling back further into a village as he, Dimitri, and a few others were pinned down by crossbowmen.

Suddenly, Polo heard the thundering of Rhodok boots. The next few moments were a blur; all he could see was a myriad of glaives ready to be swung at him – the Rhodoks were charging into the village.

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In a flash, Polo was brought back to reality, he held up his shield to block the first attack, but just before a pike could thrust towards his belly, a grizzled Vaegir veteran grabbed Polo by the scruff of his neck and pulled him back to the Vaegir shieldwall. Dimitri was not so lucky; his body lay on the floor as it was trampled by the advancing Rhodoks. Polo shuddered, he had now seen first-hand the horrors of war.

The Vaegirs were pushed back onto a hill where they repulsed a Rhodok attack, Polo even got a lucky swing with his scimitar that met the chest of a Rhodok soldier. The Vaegirs rallied, and cheered. But Emperor Sault knew this was no time to celebrate as he ordered the Vaegirs to reposition to a hill further to the left. Polo and many others were puzzled by this, but as he saw the Rhodoks were rushing there, full speed ahead, he realised that this hill must be important.

Joining the battle-line, Polo and his comrades met the Rhodoks for their final clash on the hill. Polo rushed around the Rhodok lines to flank them with his comrades. Bardiche in hand, he entered a rage, swinging with such fury he could see the pure terror in the eyes of the first Rhodok who met his blade. Seeking more blood, Polo slew three more Rhodoks as the Vaegirs pressed onwards. Eventually, the hill was captured. The Rhodok army was forced to flee back to Culmarr as the Vaegirs gave chase.

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Polo joined the assault at Culmarr, but was injured and forced to head back to camp. He had been climbing up to the walls until he was forced to raise his shield to deflect a crossbow bolt, he stopped it, but the force made him fall off of the ladder and land a few meters below.

Polo then rejoiced when he heard the castle had been captured. He knew this wouldn’t be the end, and he was glad because of it, he was eager to have revenge on Rhodokia. After all, now they had taken everything from him with Dimitri dead.

So why couldn’t he take everything from them.


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