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From the host of the Calradic Campaign, /mountandblade presents the Star Wars Galactic Campaign!

Content of the article: "From the host of the Calradic Campaign, /mountandblade presents the Star Wars Galactic Campaign!"

Hello there!

The wars for Calradia may have concluded, but the battle rages on in a galaxy far, far away! Turmoil has gripped the galaxy as the Rebel Alliance wages a desperate war of liberation against the Galactic Empire.

Starting with our first event on the 18th, mountandblade will begin a new persistent campaign set in the Bear Force II module, a multiplayer mod created to capture the setting of the Star Wars universe. Battles will be fought across many classic planets from the franchise, with the ultimate goal of proclaiming victory over the galaxy.

The Campaign Map

As the galactic civil war takes place across, well, the galaxy, the overworld map has been modified to accommodate for the increase in space.

The campaign map lists the various planets controlled by both factions. blue represents planets under the Rebellion's control, while red signifies the Empire's domain. Each faction will alternate attacking/defending per event, voting on our community Discord which planet to strike next.

The icon on each planet signifies which type of battle will be fought. The Blaster icon represents that the planet will consist of matches fought in the Battle gamemode. The Flag icon signifies that the planet will be fought for in Bear Force II's flagship Conquest mode. The Lightsaber icon signifies that the planet will be fought for in the Battle gamemode, but with the addition of Jedi and Sith present.

Once all three of a faction's planets are occupied, the other faction can launch a final assault on the endangered faction's Home Base. Winning an attack on the home base will land the conquering faction the victory in the campaign.

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Getting Involved in the Campaign

Be sure to join our community Discord, where you'll be able to proclaim your allegiance to the Rebellion or Empire, which will allow you to plan your strikes against the opposing faction with fellow members.

As said, the first event will be on the 18th. Another post will be up next weekend with more details about that event. Be sure to check in on the sub for more information.

Feel free to leave any questions you have in the comments.

Server Info

Galactic Campaign Map

Donating to the Galactic Campaign

The Galactic Campaign server is the same used for the Calradic Campaign, Mod Night, and all other associated events provided by the mountandblade subreddit, ran entirely on a donation basis as we have for nearly five years. We have a Patreon that you can put in a monthly or one time amount to contribute. There are multiple reward tiers with more coming, and with a larger pool of money we can prepare for the expected high server costs of Bannerlord (custom servers when lol).


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