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Gone with The Bolts – Calradic Tales (Community Event + Warband Giveaway)

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Nearly five years ago, this community began the persistent multiplayer event that would grow into the Calradic Campaign. Through the four years it ran, the CC served as the definitive Warband event for newcomers and veterans alike. Massive 200 player battles, custom battle and siege scenes, and a thriving community helped many endure the (then) seemingly endless wait for Bannerlord.

But interest and excitement for the Calradic Campaign continued after Bannerlord's early access release. The event that had brought friends together for years was finished, and nothing really existed to scratch that itch. Without custom servers, a continuation of the campaign into Bannerlord seemed a long, long time away. Until now.

The Calradic Tales is an attempt to bring back massive, (roughly) coordinated events to the Mount and Blade community. This is not continuing on where the CC left off, nor is it a persistent campaign, but instead using the years of player driven story to deliver unique events that run parallel to the events of the Calradic Campaign.

The first Calradic Tales event will be this Saturday, on October 3rd, 2020. Below is the summary of what the first event will be about, as well as general information on how to join.

Event Story

Swadia is no more, ripped apart by the leopard and bear together. Tevarin, the site of the last stand of the Swadians, is nothing but ash, the last authority of the now gone kingdom put against the wall.

While Vaegirs and Rhodoks drink and celebrate the destruction of their mutual enemy together, A small band of Swadians still claw for survival. Taking up refuge in the vast forests of Swadia, Duke Ethanol, the highest ranking Swadian left standing, leads a ragtag group of bandits, retainers, and other recently unlanded nobles.

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Duke Ethanol was once renowned by Calradia as a whole for his honor. Now… chivalry is dead. Nothing but hate drives him, and no delusion of optimism exists. The Duke knows Swadia is dead, and nothing can save it. That won't stop him from taking revenge.

The Swadian bandits have put in substantial damage against the Vaegir garrison through daring raids, assassinations, and robberies, but now they're anticipating their final battle. Word has been received that the Emperor himself has become aware of the Swadian survivors, and is personally arriving to oversee their destruction. Already has Duke Ethanol sent a small party east, towards the Khergit lands with the quest of keeping the Swadian story told. The Duke knows the forest will be his resting place if he stays, but the chance to humble the Vaegir leader is too good to pass up.

In Meta Terms

Welcome to the first Calradic Tales! This event will see the Bandit King of Swadia make his (almost assuredly) last stand against the might of the Vaegir Empire.

The Swadians, isolated and without aid, have had to resort to… less traditional equipment. They will receive randomized weapons and armors on spawn that represent an underequipped, desperate force. The Vaegirs, high off of their conquest of Swadia, will be as ready for a fight as ever.

The event will be a best of 7 battle map followed by a best of 3 siege.

To join the event, just join the server! There are no sign-ups required, and while it is recommended to join voice chat for bants and vague tactics, it isn't required.

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Server Info

  • Game: Mount and Blade: Warband
  • When: Saturday, October 3rd, 4:00PM EDT
  • Server: Calradic_Campaign
  • Password: reddit
  • Voice: Mount&Blade Discord

Calradic Campaign Starter Guide (Contains lore summary for greater context)

Mount and Blade: Warband Key Giveaway

As we recognize that there are now players in the community that have never played Warband, Bannerlord's predecessor, we will be having a key giveaway to allow some of those people to experience the charm of Warband! Simply comment below with what you would like to see added to Bannerlord's multiplayer for a chance to win! Winners will be chosen randomly and privately messaged with their key.

Becoming Involved in the Calradic Campaign

The Calradic Campaign team is always looking for new additions, whether it be scene makers, technical wizards, writers, or anything else of use.

Particularly, we are always looking for mapping talent. Don't be constrained by our regular format either, get creative – an unorthodox battle map, a new dueling map, a really innovative use of an underused game mode, anything!

If you'd like to contribute your area of expertise, be sure to join our Discord to connect with the members of our team. Many of us earned our positions by bringing something new to the Campaign. We hope you'll join us in continuing one of the top community events in Warband!

Donating to the Calradic Campaign

The Calradic Campaign server is our own, and we run it ourselves on a donation basis as we have for years. We now have a Patreon that you can put in a monthly or one time amount to contribute. There are multiple reward tiers with more coming, and with a larger pool of money we can expand our community events (like Mod Night!) as well as preparing for the expected high server costs of Bannerlord.

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Leave any question, complaints, observations, memes and faction based riffing in the comments below!


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