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Grinding some skills in Bannerlord feels bad/unfun — How do we fix this so it rewards the player? Here are some suggestions

I think ridiculous grinds with not much payoff is a bit of a systemic issue with a few of the skills in Bannerlord. Some of the high level perks just seem locked away behind massive grinds, and because of this character development just feels to stagnate in the late game.

I think the system works very well for combat skills where you are constantly using them so progress feels measurable. However that being said, it feels like Bannerlord tries hard to stop the player from naturally getting levels in skills. I say this because not only do the exp requirements get steeper and steeper as you go on, but you can flat out just stop earning exp for skills without assigning skill points. And in conjunction to that, the higher player level you get, the longer it takes to earn a skill point, compounding that issue of feeling like you stop progressing in the late game. Worst of all though are the skills that take forever to level, even with 5 points in them.

My pet peeves for this are Leadership, Trade, Charm, Roguery and Tactics. Each of these rely on (largely) infrequent interactions (ie. running an Army or capturing a lord and releasing them) to get any exp, and as the game goes on this exp is not enough to really make any meaningful progress in the skill even if you've sunk the full 5 points into the skill. Most of these skills take signficant effort to get past 150 and don't even feel worth trying to get to 200.

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Now i can understand there should be limits on exp earned because you dont want to be in situation where you sell one prisoner and get 50 levels in Roguery, however just feels at the moment exp earned stays constant while exp required shoots up exponentially making it really tiring to get your hands on those juicy end game perks. So how do we fix this? Here are some ideas:

  • Skill related quests, harder quests are locked behind high skill levels and give greater exp rewards. Examples of this could be freeing a Lord from Prison (like in Warband) for Roguery exp, or current quests like Art of the Trade could give Trade exp.

  • Training locations / Scholars / Books. I've seen a couple of mods that implement these already

  • Increase the % exp earned when assigning skill points. General exp tweaks for some skills are probably needed (looking at you Trade).

I think any and all of these would go along way to help with grinding out skills in Bannerlord while also making the process a bit more interactive and bring the late game experience in line with the early game.


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