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Guide on Battanian Fian Recruitment

Content of the article: "Guide on Battanian Fian Recruitment"

Do you want to learn how to get lots of Battanian Fians as fast as possible? This is my guide for you!

To start, you want to create a character with a lot of points in leadership so you can level up your leadership skill fast. The point of doing this is to make it as easy as possible to get the disciplinarian perk. I would also recommend getting points in tactics and archery, as these skill tees include perks which will make your archers quite powerful. Choosing either the Vlandian or Battanian cultures would be a good idea, as the former will help you level up troops faster and the ladder will help you chase down forest bandits.

Next, you must start the game. I recommend getting a companion with a high healing skill to prevent the death of troops and increase healing speed. You may think that the best way to get Fians quickly is by recruiting them in villages, but this is a very slow process which will not be competitive compared to the recruitment speed of the AI. Get some decent troops, preferably with blunt weapons. You can level up troops quickly by fighting weak bands of enemies such as Looters or Farmers. Once you have sufficient troops(20-30), you should start hunting forest bandits. The goal is to capture as many prisoners as possible to recruit them later on. You will also gain significant experience and renown in the process.

It is important to not attack Forest Bandit Hideouts, because less parties of Forest Bandits will spawn if you do.

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Once you gain enough renown to have a second party, find a companion with a high tracking and tactics skill. Then, create a small party(10-15 troops) with that companion as its leader. Proceed to raising an army containing only you and your companion. This will not cost any influence points and will help you start rapidly increasing your leadership skill. Keep in mind that maintaining a high morale can also slightly increase your leadership skill. This can be achieved by winning battles and having a variety of food and drink for your troops.

Once you get your leadership skill to 125, you will be able to get the disciplinarian trait. This will allow you to revert forest bandits into Battanian Fians, and from there you will be able to upgrade them to Fian Champions.

From this point, you can hunt down parties of mountain bandits, which will provide you with prisoners that you can recruit, as well as experience for leveling up your soldiers.

That’s it! You can now amass an army of Fian Champions and crush your foes with minimal casualties. I hope this guide was helpful.

Have fun!


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