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Help with a few balance changes for my own use

Content of the article: "Help with a few balance changes for my own use"

Wanting to make a few changes for my own benefit and was looking for some ideas or feedback.

  • Aserai
    • Want to give them an additional faction perk which I feel is a better representation of their influences. Heavily armored western armies should have extra difficulty dealing with desert heat (Battle of Hattin is my inspiration). There are a few ways to accomplish this
      • Movement malice to other factions moving in desert terrain. Would be the easiest to implement (copy pasta from Sturgians/snow and minor change). But I don't feel it is an accurate way to portray what I'm going for
      • Increased food consumption for other factions in desert terrain. A more accurate representation but I'm worried about the AI. Experience in game modding has told me to be cautious changing anything that is too reliant on AI
      • Morale malice to other factions in desert terrain. I know if I was a heavily armed knight I would not be thrilled with the heat
    • Slightly adjust units to better represent their historical influences. Unsure about this before testing, but Vanguard Feris should not be on the same level as western heavy cavalry. Thinking about lowering armor while increasing other areas for some of their units. Its tough because their greatest weapon is HA, but due to lack of stamina in battles this can't be replicated.
  • Khuzait
    • How should I go about editing some of their units such that while mounted they could field potentially the most dangerous field army, but if forced to fight dismounted (i.e. sieges) they perform below average? Lower athletics? Downgrade their shield?
  • Empire
    • Make cataphracts great again. A cataphract charge should be one of the most fearsome events in Calradian warfare. To accomplish this I could edit the horses or the saddle. Anyone have any insight to save me from lengthy testing?
  • Sturgians/Vlandians
    • Seems what is common in most play thrus is that Sturgia struggles mightily while Vlandia typically becomes immensely powerful. The Sturgia unit roster kind of sucks so their struggles is easy to understand. But why does Vlandia consistently do well? Nothing bout their unit roster jumps at me, so maybe its the prosperity of their towns?
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