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How are you supposed to keep settlements in this game?

Battania keeps creating massive armies to attack the one town I finally own after an over 500 day campaign. They've sent three armies now within a week and my faction does fuck all to help. I want to build one granary upgrade! Just one! And I can't even get that done because now after I've had to deplete its garrison so the town doesn't starve to death they've sent their third, 558 person, army to capture Sargot within five days and the army I spent all my influence on to create finally disbanded after protecting Sargot first from an over six hundred person army, then over eight hundred. Now, here I am like a day after fighting off the second army just chilling in my town and a third jackass with 560 people arrived and my kingdom like normal is gonna do fuck all to help. They're targeting me so aggressively it's quite frustrating I just want to keep this ONE town I finally have and do some upgrades, not even some just ONE upgrade. Why do they make these people so aggressively single out one town, isn't fighting off two armies enough? I think I deserve to keep this town after all I've done to defend it, but obviously this game and obviously Caladog does not think so either. It's been FIVE FUCKING DAYS GUYS CALM THE HELL DOWN at this point I'd be surprised if they didn't send every last noble they have after my town.

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Please help, beyond three armies it's also been non stop raids on my surrounding villages I've had to stop so I've had no time to gather up more troops or influence. How could I possibly stop these jackasses from sending non stop armies to my only town? I have no more influence to spend to stop the war, only 133 troops with a garrison of like 44 since the constant sieges give me no time to get food reserve, zero incentive from Derthert's council to stop the war anyway, and obviously zero support from the rest of my kingdom who couldn't give less of a shit out shoving their dicks up their own ass literally anywhere other than a helpful place.

I just want my town, man. And I just want to enjoy my granary I just finally got to build.

Can I do anything? Do any of you guys have any ideas? Is there even a way to combat a faction who just sends it's entire might after your one town when the rest of your faction is fucking off somewhere else and you haven't even had time to put up a proper defense? And sorry I know I sound frustrated, but it's because I am!

Edit: okay, maybe I was a little hasty to go complaining everyone's ears off in the subreddit. I had just enough influence to muster up a small army, and when it got to like 300 in strength they just kind of… fucked off. I guess they didn't want to lose their whole kingdoms forces within like one week just to get my town that's culturally ours anyway but now my influence is nonexistent and I have an army I don't know what to do with. Better than losing my town though, thank god they all got here fast enough. Sorry fellas, just got a bit frustrated with the constant problems having this town is causing.

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Edit 2: An update for anyone wondering, the third army has been crushed after their third attempt to come back to sargot, I have ten nobles from Battania in my prison alone, and that's just the nobles I've taken myself not to mention the ones who've escaped or were taken by other members of the army. Today I, with the help of those who have joined my army, have temporarily crippled the Battanian's fighting force. I am ransoming all of the normal soldiers I've collected through out the great defense of Sargot for 21,380 denars. This isn't over, but I know that however temporarily Sargot will have peace for now until Battania gathers it's fighting force once again. Atleast, I hope.

Edit 3: ignore all that I said that would give the impression I've changed my ways, original question still stands.


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