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How I fight successful wars

Content of the article: "How I fight successful wars"

Hey there! This is a post about how I fight wars, most of which are succesful.

1: The Sultanate. In my opinion, the sultanate is the weakest faction and the best place to start. I’d reccomend starting off by taking Bariyye. The strategy that works best for me is high strength, high health units that can take a beating. Why? The sultanate has a lot of weaker troops, and not an many good ones. Don’t get me wrong, the good ones are very very good, but most of their troops are pretty terrible, so you need troops that can slaughter them. I’d recommend high level Nordic troops or Swadian knights/ man at arms.

2: Kerghit Khanate. The Kerghit’s are very powerful in an open field if you don’t have the right troops, but are somewhat terrible at defending. I’d reccomend using spearmen, or calvalry of your own to fight them off. In sieges, I’d reccomend using high power units to overwhelm them.

3: The Swadians Oh god… these guys are tough. What I would reccomend is having a large, powerful army and a few vassals following you at the start of the war, and try to rush most of their territory. They have a sort of dilemma. The Swadi are fairly weak early on, since they’re territory is too much for their vassals to protect, but here’s the thing. If the reach a certain medium between massive and tiny, and get the chance to regroup, they’re easily gonna defend against most attacks. This is why you have to rush them, because if the have too little territory, they’re vassals may begin to leave, and they won’t be able to regroup.

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4: The Vaegirs. The Vaegirs have a nice, balanced army, making them tough, but you can use certain troops to one up theirs. For example, the Nord Huscarl can easily beat up some Vaegir infantry, while a Swadian Knight can pretty easily one up a Vaegir knight. Same with Rhodok crossbow men against Vaegir archers. In the end, these guys will be tough, but they can be beaten.

5: The Nords. The Nords are my favorite faction for one reason. They have the (IMO) best infantry in the game. Your best hope of beating them is archers and calvalry, since the Nords lack those. In sieges, you either need a lot of cheap troops, or about equal high tier troops.

6: The Rhodoks Oh boy… these guys aren’t any fun. The best way of fighting these guys is a slow war of attrition. Using a lot of vassals and a lot of good troops, you need to slowly push them out of their territory. Also, make sure they don’t take any of your territory, because one they’re in, they’re pretty difficult to get out.

Well, those are the strategies that work for me. Have fun playing, and remember. “You’re money or your life.” -a random bandit.


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