Mount & Blade 2

How to get more clans to join my Kingdom.

First off, I know how it works, or rather should work; Talk to clan leaders and talk them into joining.

Now there are several issues I'm having with this, and the smallest one is winning the minigame and getting him to join.

Every time I recruit a clan, he will most likely leave again in the next 2 days. Wondering what was going on, i decided to follow a newly recruited clan archeon to see what happens, and if he is in a place with another factions lord that talk him into joining theirs. Nope. he just left all of a sudden in the middle of the map with no one around.

So I decided to savescum a bit to see what it takes to actually manage to keep him. It took me about 50 reloads of saves to keep that lord in my faction long enough to siege a castle and give it to him so he will actually stay. odds are maybe 1 in a 1000 to keep him long enough to get him a fief.

Most of the time he just left while being in the middle of nowhere, several times while he was actually in my army while sieging the castle mean for him. and twice he just deserted to another Faction as soon as he got his fief. And yes, I had positive relations.

So what I'm asking here is if and how other players manage, and if there's a mod or fix that at the very least stops newly recruited clans from just leaving for another faction the very next day.

Why this is important? Because it's just me and 2 of the smallest clans (so just 7 parties) trying to hold out against the larger factions who can send waves of parties after me.


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