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I had to reset my PC and I am not reinstalling Warband. I almost cried.

Content of the article: "I had to reset my PC and I am not reinstalling Warband. I almost cried."

I think this is it. I think I have moved on. Is Bannerlord done? No way. Has Bannerlord spoiled me? Of course. But it is time to move on.

I do not like nostalgia. I did not play any video games for many years, so the nostalgia that convinces people to shell out money for their favorite franchises never hit me. Hideo Kojima is no god to me. Pokemon was not my childhood. And Warband will never use more than 4 GB of RAM. This day was gonna arrive eventually. Total time played is 1,889 hours, but there was a large stretch of time where I played offline and steam does not count those hours. I have gotten all but 3 achievements. I may return for them, but one of them is the conquest one so that is iffy without a friend.

Warband is such an interesting chapter of my life. The game and this subreddit were like a home. I did not talk to friends enough in high school. I liked to blame my studies and extra curriculars. While they did contribute, it was me. What gave me relief from all the stress was warband. There was a period of time where my routine was do pre/calculus homework on Friday while watching Vikings (I still love and hate trigonometric proofs) and then play Viking Conquest.

My hope was to break that cycle in college. Last year I made my first steps. This year I made my next. Then covid came in like a freight train Swadian Knight. It meant a lot when Talesworld released Bannerlord a few days early. The promise I made to myself, that kept me going when I was at my darkest, was that I would take multiple days off for Bannerlord. But Bannerlord was almost going to release too close to finals season. But then it released just in time. Classes around then were even canceled or just odd zoom based ones. I kept that promise. I even showed it off to my professor from Turkey. He thought it was pretty cool.

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Bannerlord will be there as this pandemic alters and adjusts. I hope soon that Full Invasion 3 will be released. Full Invasion 2 got me through so much. The experiences on it were so one of kind that I will cherish those memories and retell them to those who will listen.

But I want to especially thank this sub. For a long time, Reddit was my socializing. While some may assume for worse, I disagree. Reddit was what I needed many times. Reddit was where I could talk with a Croatian one day, and laugh with a dude from Mississippi the next. Reddit was where my fascination with history could meet likeminded voices. Reddit is what helped me develop my ability to hold ideas I did not agree with without judgement, and eventually be able to judge those ideas on my own and without prejudice. And this subreddit is what got me to stay. I had found this game and I kept talking about it with my best friend. He was confused until he got it and told me, "I understand." But before that, I found this subreddit. And I have found so many other places.

Before this pandemic came, I was on a course that did not place Reddit at such a preeminence. I have friends who can appreciate and add to my interests with their own. Through much effort, I have placed less emphasis on the worlds of silicon and electricity and more on that of flesh and reality. Heck, I even went on some dates! Then Corona happened, and it felt like I was right back in Sophomore year, doing calculus and watching Vikings. To be honest, I have vented about this on Facebook to my friends and family, and I had commiseration, but I feel I needed to share it here. There was still some weight on my heart, as though I had not told all who needed to know. And when I realized I was not reinstalling Warband, I understood who that was.

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