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I have a problem.

Content of the article: "I have a problem."

I bought this game 8 days ago and I've logged over 80 hours.

I don't think I've enjoyed a game this much before in my life. I've 990 hours in Warband mostly because of the content that the Floris mod introduced. I have very few complaints about Bannerlord. The main complaint being that the level of lore is lackluster compared to that of Warband (see encyclopedia) Calvary units seem to have forgotten how to effectively use spears and lances to where they will stand 2 ft apart from each other while mounted on horses and fail to damage each other for lack of momentum in the spear. There's only one size of shield with ginormous hit boxes which makes spear fighting difficult to be successful at.. also, does it feel like weapons don't reach as far as they used to? You can tell me "nah that's just you" and I'll believe you, just feels like it.

Regardless, the more you play the more you can see how much effort the devs put into this game. I'm blown away by the graphics, the ragdoll affects, blood, being able to purchase fiefs and castles instead of having to resort to violence, having a children successor system, the party system, allocating companions to utilize their skills in support of your army. Being able to trade with Lord's, a much larger quest system, the troop trees and bring able to capture and retrain bandits or follow their own tree, setting up caravans, setting up enterprises. Though I miss being able to provide resources to the enterprises in order to lower costs like in Warband. And God the work they put into the architecture of the town's and cities, if you haven't taken the time to sight see, you absolutely need to.

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But what I really wanted to mention was the soundtrack. The music is beautiful, the system in how it runs is very theatrical. The developers, composers and the like have given us a very wide spectrum into the classical genre. From calming music, to battle music, to music when the odds are against you, and music for when the march into war begins. For instance, tou've started a battle with someone and as you're standing with your troops all you can hear is the sound of nature. You can issue commands to put your units in certain places on the map but then when you issue the command to charge or to advance the battle music introduces itself. It's a very nice effect.

The feeling never goes away, especially starting up with a practice fight at the arenas just at dawn. The light from the rising sun not just yet upon the arena, the torches hung on the walls clouded by morning fog, the cheering, the immersion of being in the pit with no way out but to survive.


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