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I think it was a mistake for Bannerlord to be set earlier than Warband

Content of the article: "I think it was a mistake for Bannerlord to be set earlier than Warband"

Bannerlord has everything going for it, but I just find the earlier setting more boring. Maybe it's the armour design, idk. I also find the factions aren't as interesting as they could be. I wish the loadouts for units looked more like how people do in the loadscreens. Like, an empire crumbling and a bunch of different factions and powers taking advantage and vying for power? Sounds cool! But in the actual game it doesn't really feel that way. This wasn't supposed to be about this, but anyways the map also has some issues. The aserai for example are just, kinda there. Same with the khuzait. I'm not sure how exactly they could have done it different, like the map itself looks beautiful, but I feel like the factions are placed in spots that are awkward, and there's too many lakes and barriers. I also feel that the empire should have been split in two, not tree. If the northern part was a totally separate faction completely it would make the game more interesting or if it was gone altogether. It just feels like many of the factions are kinda on their own, and it makes all the battles and stuff feel kinda off.

Like lets take the empire, as they are supposed to be a big part of the game/lore. The empire doesn't feel like an empire, or even one that's crumbling. Part of it is the mix of other factions around it that are just kinda sitting there, and part of it is that there are no barriers separating the different parts. Like sure the empire split, but since all 3 factions are right next to eachother it just feels weird. I know it doesn't fit the timeperiod, but I think it would have made for a more interesting game, is that the empire could have been more like when the romans pulled out of the UK. Like I know they are supposed to be the byzantines, but I just find the concept of an empire leaving an area that suddenly has to defend itself very interesting. They could have done a thing like that, where the empire had pulled out the area where vlandia is, and then broke apart. Anyways what I mean is that they needed to have done something. Going back to the map, if the lakes and other barriers weren't there that separate the empire factions from the aserai, sturgia, and the khuzait it would already be a huge improvement. There still needs to be some barriers, but the issue right now is that the barriers basically cut out the middle part of those factions, whereas it would be better to cut the corners and leave the middle. It would make it far less annoying to get to those factions and wage war on them.

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TLDR: Early time period is less interesting aesthetically. Map has too many barriers separating factions which could work if done differently, but as it is makes those factions that are separated feel too apart from the rest, the aserai especially. The empire doesn't feel like a crumbling empire, and could use a physical barrier separating parts of the factions from eachother or something like that.


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