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Idea for Battanian Troop Improvement

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I've seen a lot of complaints that Battania should have access to non-elite archers, and while I somewhat agree, I don't think the intent should be to provide them with another mainline archer troop, but rather an additional skirmishing troop that's more focused on ranged than melee. Perhaps a modder has already come up with something to this effect, but I wanted to throw this idea out there and see what you all thought.

Branch these troops off from Raider.

Very light armor being what Falxmen wear and Medium armor being a lightweight high tier armor like some studded leather I saw the other day. Darts should have maybe 8-12 stack and either do more damage then equivalent arrows, or have a faster rate of fire.

Tier 4 has three equipment loadouts, all in the same unit type:

Short bow, arrows, one-hander, Light armor

Darts(2), long-spear, Light armor

Javelins, Small shield, short-spear, Very light Armor

Tier 5:

Short bow, arrows, two-hander, Medium armor

Darts(2), Small Shield, Spear, Medium armor

Pilum(3), Shield, Light Armor

The idea then, is that the two tiers have very good athletics and the higher athletics of the tier 5 is cancelled out by the increased weight of equipment so both tiers move at roughly the same speed, maybe just a bit slower than the Falxmen. These all get grouped in as skirmishers and used as such.

I think they'd have enough range to beat unshielded infantry. Some anti-shield spears to help somewhat mitigate heavy infantry, but more importantly enough speed to run from them. Enough spears to somewhat blunt enemy cavalry and if paired with veteran Falxmen, really do some damage if the cavalry gets bound up with them. And enough speed and shields to perform flanking action on archers and maybe even beat them with ranged attacks if you get them inside the throwing range.

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Alternatively, if the devs ever add slings into the game as a type of longer range throwing weapon that uses ammunition (staff sling changes mode between a range and melee weapon), I could see the loadouts looking something like this:

Tier 4:

Short bow, arrows, one-hander, Light armor

Sling, stones, long-spear, Light armor

Darts, Small shield, short-spear, Very light Armor

Tier 5:

Short bow, arrows, two-hander, Medium armor

Staff-sling, stones(2), Medium armor

Darts(2), Small shield, spear, Light Armor

Thoughts? Do you think the AI could get this troop to skirmish properly, based on their different loadouts? How do you think this troop would fare against various other types of troops? Does this step on any other units toes too much? Does it effectively complement the other Battanian troop play style?


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