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I’m having a lot of fun on my first run and I wanted to share it with someone

Content of the article: "I’m having a lot of fun on my first run and I wanted to share it with someone"

I'm currently on day 650 of my first Warband run. I fell in love with the game, but I still have a lot to learn. I guess I just wanted to share my first experience.

Few days into new game, I realized that a good relationship with some lords could be useful in the future. I had the perfect chance: Count Delinard had been captured by the Khergits and was spending his forced vacation in Unuzdaq Castle. At the time, I didn't even know what "renown" meant, so I had no problems sneaking in. I had spent a few hours in the arena, so I managed to complete the prison break.

I decided to stick with Count Delinard, and I improved my relationship with him. I joined the Swadian army, first as mercenary and then as vassal. I got used to Count Haringoth's bad temper, but I got on his good side after following him for a while during the campaigns he lead as marshal. During the war, I strengthened my bond with Count Despin. After a classic feast "Butterking style" I met lady Sonadel, and decided to woo her. Much to my surprise, I learnt she was Count Despin's sister, meaning that he would become my family.

The war did not stop, of course: fighting countless battles I obtained Reyvadin from King Harlaus, my first town. After this success, I got permission from count Grainwad to marry his daughter, lady Sonadel. I was happy: I had a flourishing city, a lovely wife and my brothers in arms.

But I realized that to keep safe my fiefs and those people I held dear, I needed to stop the war: the only way I saw was to conquer the whole Calradia. That's what I did: I spent a long time besieging Rhodoks cities and chasing Khergits horsemen. I met another reliable swadian lord, Count Ryis. He was with me during most battles, with his huge double handed sword and that peculiar helmet.

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After 450 days, we managed to conquer the last Sarrandir city and hunt down the last Rhodok count. Calradia was completely under Swadian control. But at that point, I noticed that the lord of Uxhal was no longer Delinard, but one of the Sarrandir Emirs that I defeated few weeks earlier! To my horror, the Butterking had accused of treason and exiled most swadian counts, including Delinard, Despin and Haringoth.

That's when I decided to rebel: I asked to be released from my oath and started conquering the cities of the Nords. I made Matheld a lady by giving her a fief and I welcomed to my court Count Ryis and Count Grainwad, starting a war against the huge Swadian empire that I helped build.

That's where I am right now: I'm sure most players have better stories, but this is my first one, and I feel it's special to me… That's why I wanted to share it with someone that could understand my hype 😁


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