Mount & Blade 2

Is Smithing Broken in Bannerlord? Fuck yes!!! I’m rich as fuck on Day 3!!!

First off, I'm a little drunk. Anyway, I figured I would see if it's possible to become a rich-ass Smith without doing anything else from the start. I created a character and ended up with 3 Attributes in everything. I started the playthrough and ended up in Zeonica because Poros didn't have any fucking Pugios. Bought 2 Pugios. IMPORTANT!!! I started with points in Throwing because you get 2 stacks of Throwing Spears and that shit is worth a ton of cash. So, I sold that crap and I bought Pugios and Hardwood and started making the standard stupid Long Warsword 2-Handed Sword. I made it, saw what it unlocked, and if the design unlocks sucked I'd re-load my save and Wait for a few seconds to reset the unlocked designs and try again. Eventually (fucking 30 real life minutes) I unlocked the Pine Javelin Shaft. So I saved and stared making Pine Javelins. Each time would only unlock 2 designs but I could make 3 before I ran out of Stamina so fuck it. After cycling and save-scumming for another half hour or so I unlocked the Imperial Simple Spear Head. At this point, the financial battle is won, because an Imperial Pine Javelin stack is worth 35,975 denars. But I wanted more. So I cycled and save-scummed for 30 minutes until I unlocked the Mahogany Javelin Shaft which, when coupled with the Imperial Simple Spear Head, gives you a Javelin stack worth 105,775 denars.. How long did this take (in-game)? It's Summer 4, 1084. So, yeah, at Day 3 in-game I can create weapons worth 106k that take 1 Iron, 1 Hardwood, and 1 Charcoal to create. That's kind of fucked up. Anyway, 1.4.2, no mods.

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